Review: M101N Bright Red (2017)

Pelikan M101N Bright RedNews broke of the M101N Bright Red at the end of January and pens started shipping just a few weeks ago.  The M101N is a modern re-imagining of a line of pens that Pelikan first introduced in the 1930s.  Since 2011, we have had several releases in the series including the Tortoiseshell Brown (2011), the Lizard (2012),  and the Tortoiseshell Red (2014).  It’s not clear why the hiatus between the Tortoiseshell Red and the new Bright Red.  What’s interesting about the Bright Red is that there is no direct historical 101N model from which it draws upon for its design.  Perhaps that might explain the delay in a new model being put forth.  The closest approximation in Pelikan’s history appears to be the amazing 101 Coral Red.  The 101s were 100s that had colored caps but still retained the design of the 100.  While the finishes of the modern Bright Red and vintage Coral Red are similar, the look of the two models is significantly different.  There is a lot of divided sentiment about these modern releases and I find most of the accolade and adoration consistently goes to the Tortoiseshell Brown.  Read on to find out whether or not the M101N Bright Red can upset the Tortoiseshell Brown’s place on the throne.

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