Review: M805 Anthracite Stresemann (2015)

Pelikan M805 Anthracite Stresemann with Porcelain PelikanPelikan’s M805 anthracite Stresemann has been out for a few months now and reviews have steadily been cropping up.  To those other voices, I would like to add my own take on this pen.  I have had the opportunity to use the Stresemann for the past three weeks as my continuous every day carry along with the companion K805 ballpoint.  While my experience has generally been positive as you will read below, there were some small inconveniences that, while not deal breakers by any stretch, did hinder my full enjoyment of the pen.  To be upfront, this pen was provided to me as a loan by Pelikan themselves and will be returned to them after this review (the first such occurrence for this blog).  That said, this article was not subject to any censorship nor do I feel a loaned pen has had any impact on my objectivity.  Still, I provide that information to you at the start in order to allow you to better draw your own conclusions.  I think that the most striking thing about this M805 is how Pelikan took a somewhat drab color and really elevated it to another level.  This pen stands out in the M8xx line up in a unique way and will be hard for many to pass up.  Unlike so many special edition releases that disappear once the production run has ended and stock is sold off, the Stresemann is reported to be a regular production model.  If you don’t have the funds for one right now, it seems as if they will be around for the foreseeable future.  I know many hope that this color bleeds into the other Souverän lines and based on my experience with the M805, that would be a very welcomed occurrence.  Unfortunately, only those in Hannover know whether that will ever become a reality or not.  While we can only hope for now that this pattern will translate to the other lines, read on below to find out how the Stresemann does the M8xx line justice.

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