News: Stola III (P16)

Pelikan Stola III Fountain PenThe Perch’s focus is not just Souveräns and piston fillers.  There is no doubt that a large segment of the fountain pen market is frequented by those who prefer the patronen-füllhalter also known as a cartridge/converter pen.  If that is your preference, Pelikan will soon be serving up something new with the introduction of its upcoming Stola III (P16).  Goldspot Pens first brought the Stola to my attention when they gave us a glimpse on their instagram feed earlier this week. has also helped to supplement the available information with some fantastic product shots.  The pen demonstrates contemporary styling and will reportedly be offered at the affordable price of $45.  The fountain pen will accept a cartridge or converter, most likely in the standard international format.  Information is conflicting as to the make up of the barrel.  It will either feature a plastic barrel or one made from painted aluminum.  We will have to await further details from Pelikan in order to confirm.  There is no word yet on what nib sizes will be available but I expect that we will see nibs offered in the standard sizes of EF, F, M, and B.

The Stola III appears to only be available in a matte silver finish, at least at launch.  The furniture will be a painted black with a painted single chick logo on the cap top.  The only other obvious branding is the company’s name, “Pelikan,” printed along the lip of the cap.  Speaking of the cap, it will be the slip fit type commonly seen on entry-level pens.  The nib will be stainless steel which is to be expected in a budget model.  In addition to the fountain pen, there appears to be a rollerball (R16) and ballpoint (K16) that will be available to match.  Expect the Stola to make its retail debut sometime around the holiday season this year.

What do you think about the Stola III?  Personally, I’ll stick with my piston fillers but I have to admit, I like the looks of this pen.  If additional colors are offered at a later date, I may just have to add one to my flock.

Pelikan Stola III Fountain Pen

Stola III (P16) Fountain Pen



Pelikan Stola III Gift Packaging

Stola III (P16) Gift Packaging


Pelikan Stola III Fountain Pen

Stola III (P16) Fountain Pen


Pelikan Stola III Rollerball

Stola III (R16) Rollerball


Pelikan Stola III Ballpoint

Stola III (K16) Ballpoint


Updated 9/14/15: 

19 responses

  1. I like the necktie clip, but can’t say the rest of it does much for me. I won’t be surprised if they only offer it in a couple of nib sizes.


  2. I used P Futures as EDC for decades, primarily for the matchless Pelikan ink mechanism, regardless of body. Wore out the nibs, reground them to cursive. Hope the Stola posts better than the Futures..


    • Thanks for your comment. Posting is a big deal for me. I find that if a pen of this size won’t post, I just can’t get along with it. Not so much of an issue on larger pens though.


  3. Its looks very nice to me. I like to use as a every day writer the Pelikan Style. The design of the Style is not very attractive, but do the job. This Stola III has a better design and I like the clip. I have to get a TSWBI that you talk about, thoug, but I am pretty sure I am going yo get a Stola III. Thanks for the news!


  4. You know, I have a Pelikano that I bought just for fun – certainly not a fine pen, steel nib, but it’s easy to use and it’s a great writer. So I’ll look into this one and probably pick it up as a good utility pen.


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