News: M205 Amethyst Special Edition Demonstrator

Pelikan M205 AmethystThere had been whispers of a purple pen coming out of Hannover for a little while now but until recently there had been nothing to substantiate those rumors.  Last week Bungbox, out of Japan, posted a poor screen capture that gave us our first glimpse of it.  Today our friends at Iguana Sell give us substantially more and break open this release just as they did with the M805 Demonstrator back in February.  Iguana Sell is a well-known Pelikan retailer out of Spain and today they gave us our first solid look at the Pelikan M205 Amethyst Special Edition Demonstrator.  It’s no coincidence that the color of this pen corresponds to the Edelstein Ink of the Year 2015 by the same name.  

While there is no official information yet on Pelikan’s website at the time of this post, this pen appears to be a demonstrator colored in that same deep purple hue as the Edelstein Amethyst ink released earlier this year.  This pen will be first new addition to the M205 line in Pelikan’s Classic series since the Neon Green Duo Highlighter came to us in 2013.  Similar in size to the Souverän M400, the M205 is more of an upscale, entry-level line of pens.  They are characterized by silver-colored, chromium coated furniture rather than the gold of the M2oo series.  Also, since these are not part of the Souverän line, the cap tops remain painted instead of carrying the palladium coating of the luxury line.  The business end of the pen is equipped with a polished stainless steel nib.  Of course, being a demonstrator means that all of the mechanics of the pen as well as the ink reservoir will be visible.

Iguana sell notes that this will be a special edition release which means quantities are likely to be limited.  In keeping with the company’s current trend, the available nib sizes will be limited to EF, F, M, and B only.  It does appear that this will be available as a special set that includes the M205 fountain pen along with a bottle of Amethyst ink making for a nice gift package.  Also available will be a ballpoint pen in the same finish.  It is reported that we will see this release sometime around autumn of this year (I would think August-October).

According to Iguana Sell, European prices will be as follows;

  • Classic M205 Amethyst Special Edition Fountain Pen – 125 € (~$140)
  • Classic M205 Amethyst Special Edition Ballpoint Pen – 115 € (~$130)
  • Edelstein Ink of the Year 2015 Amethyst, 50mL – 14.90 € (~$17)
  • M205 Amethyst Fountain Pen & Edelstein Amethyst 50mL Ink Flacon with Gift Box – 145 € (~$163)

Personally, I’m excited with what Pelikan has done with their line-up this year.  We have had many great releases that shows creativity is alive and well in Germany.  I think Pelikan has found their muse.  I like the styling and size of the M2xx pens which are actually my favorite of all of Pelikan’s offerings.  The Café Crème has been a real treat and I look forward to adding the M205 Amethyst to the collection upon its release.  What are your thoughts?

Pelikan M205 Amethyst


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  2. Got today my Pelikan M205 Amethyst fountain pen. Absolutely tremendous, this particular color in transparent edition (demonstrator). In combination with the other fountain pens of Pelikan (M1000 black, M600 Vibrant Green, M400 (old edition 1991) green striped, M205 Café Crème and 2 M101 N (Lizard and tortoiseshell red) a very particular color. Also the amethyst ink is very special. This pen with metal nib writes tremendously. Still waiting for the M805 Burnt Orange, which will appear at the end of this month. All Pelikan fountain pens are special on their own way. Nice collectors item this amethyst edition.


    • Thank you for the comment. It’s nice to see Pelikan going in new directions with the Amethyst. The last two M2xx demos had been re-releases of older models. The Amethyst really stands out on its own. Also, I can’t recall too many purple piston fillers in the Pelikan line-up before this one so this brings some nice variety to the line.


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