News: Ink of the Year 2015 – Amethyst

Pelikan Edelstein Amethyst 2015 Ink Of The YearThis week has been very exciting as Pelikan rather unexpectedly announced two new pens to be released in 2015.  The new products coming out of Hanover aren’t limited to pens though as they have also announced the Edelstein (pronounced EY-dell-shtine) 2015 Ink of the Year.  This upcoming year will feature Amethyst, marking the twelfth addition to the Edelstein line-up and the fourth Ink of the Year. 

If you will recall, this year’s selection is the result of a contest held by the company to allow its fans to design their own ideal color of ink.  Amethyst was the winning entry, submitted by Jennifer from Germany who received a Souverän M400 for her efforts.  The annual release of an “Ink of the Year” began in 2012 with Turmaline and has continued to follow Pelikan’s convention of styling the Edelstein’s line of colors after gemstones (the German word Edelstein translates into gemstone).  The Ink of the Year releases have been limited runs produced only for one years time, a strategy that Pelikan hopes will keep the line fresh and modern.  Despite their limited edition nature, the runs seem quite large and bottles often remain available in the retail pipeline well after production has purportedly ended, so there is little need to fear if you have yet to pick up a bottle of a previous year’s release.

Amethyst the gemstone is a violet variety of quartz, considered semi precious and often incorporated into jewelry.  It is also the traditional birth stone for February.  Amethyst the ink will be a deep purple and available in 50 mL bottles as well as cartridges.

Pelikan Edelstein Amethyst Ink Cartridges


7 responses

  1. I’m really excited to see what kind of purple this is going to be. I haven’t been super impressed by the Edelstein line so far (other than Amber!) but if the first reviews are good, this will be one I pick up.


    • I will be interested to see the reviews myself. I plan to do a mass ink sample purchase from the Goulet’s as I have yet to try out any of the Edelstein line personally.


      • So far among the Edelstein inks, I’ve used the Topaz and Onyx. They’re both “well-behaved” inks and the Topaz color is awesome.

        Onyx is a good black ink but I gave it away as a gift. Black inks in general for me are quite boring but I do like the Onyx.


  2. I don’t have a lot of purple/violet/lavender ink but this will definitely be in my ink-ventory. I do love the color in the bottle.

    Thanks for the info!


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