Review: M201 Bayou (2015)

Pelikan M201Bayou with porcelain Pelikan pen standIn a surprise June announcement, Fountain Pen Hospital broke the news that they would be releasing a limited edition Pelikan fountain pen exclusive to them.  Founded in 1946, Fountain Pen Hospital has been a long-standing and well-respected retailer of fountain pens on the East Coast of the U.S.A. so it’s not surprising that they would have the clout to arrange such a release.  Still, the announcement was a bolt from the blue since there wasn’t even a hint of rumor preceding the Bayou’s arrival.  The pen, dubbed the M201 Bayou, was a very limited release of just 100 fountain pens.  Slated for an August issue, many of us were pleasantly surprised when shipping notifications started going out in early July.  The next word that we got about the Bayou was that it had sold out after being on the market just shy of three weeks.  I debated the utility in reviewing this pen given that so few people will actually ever own one but it’s such a beautiful piece that I wanted to give it its due.  Officially labeled the M200 ‘water soil’ by Pelikan, this pen stands out as unique amongst the Classic series in several ways that I will describe below.  The M201 designation itself is not unprecedented as Pelikan has used this moniker before to distinguish limited, local releases.  The M201 clear demonstrator issued as a limited run of 3000 pieces in the year 2000 to the Japanese market is one such example.  If you know your way around Pelikan’s lines, you can’t help but look at the Bayou and instantly be reminded of the M620 Grand Place, a pen which shares a very similar aesthetic.  This similarity has raised more than a few questions about the genesis of this run.  Read on to find out more.

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