News: The Statue of Zeus Limited Edition

Pelikan The Statue of Zeus Limited EditionPelikan launched their “Seven Wonders of the World” series back in 2004 with the intent of designing seven pens, each as an homage to their respective ‘Wonder.’  These models represent some of the more interesting and artistic designs ever put out by the company, even if they are not always the most practical.  Many different lists of wonders have been compiled over the ages.  Pelikan appears to be riffing off of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World first put forth by Philo of Byzantium.  Other writers on the topic include the historian Herodotus, the scholar Callimachus of Cyrene, and Antipater of Sidon.  These lists chronicled “must see” attractions for Hellenic tourists, much like our guidebooks might do today.  Like all but one of the described wonders, much of their ancient writings have not survived the ages except as references in other works.  Classically, the Seven Wonders were;  The Great Pyramid of Giza (2004), The Colossus of Rhodes (2005), The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus (2006), The Lighthouse of Alexandria (2007), The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (2009), The Statue of Zeus at Olympia (2016),  and The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.  In modern times, only the Great Pyramid of Giza still exists.  To date, Pelikan has released five out of seven pens in the series (actual release dates noted above in parentheses) leaving us awaiting Zeus and the Mausoleum.  It has been seven years since we were given the Hanging Gardens of Babylon leading some to question whether we would see the series finished.  Today, several European vendors have given us a glimpse at the penultimate release in the series, The Statue of Zeus.

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