Transparent Green M800 – The Collector’s Edition

Pelikan M800 Transparent Green Collector's Edition PackagingPelikan is well known for their regularly released limited edition fountain pens in addition to their standard line-up.  There have been many limited edition releases over the years and I thought that it might be interesting to look back at what is considered to be the very first of these modern releases from Pelikan.  The details surrounding this model have caused some confusion over the years which I hope to dispel by the end of this post.  Which model launched such a distinguished tradition of releases?  The answer is none other than the highly sought after M800 transparent green demonstrator.  Affectionately referred to as the “Green Ocean,” it is the predecessor to the highly successful M800 Blue Ocean released as a run of 5000 fountain pens in 1993.   The confusion surrounding the transparent green release often stems from the fact that none of these M800s are identifiable as limited editions as the pens themselves are not numbered.  

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