News: M1000 Raden Red Infinity

There is something extra special about getting wind of not just one but two new fountain pens back-to-back. Late last night, I wrote about the M200 Pastel-Blue fountain pen due out in mid-June. was the first to bring news of the next Raden model to hit the streets as well, the M1000 Raden Red Infinity. The M1000 model line has had some heavy hitters in the Raden category over the last 10-15 years. These have included the Moonlight (2011), Sunlight (2013), Starlight (2014), Sunrise (2016), Green Ray (2020), and White Ray (2021). For these ultra-exclusive models, artists employ traditional Japanese techniques to embellish the cap and barrel of a standard M1000 with small pieces of shimmering abalone shell. Every piece is crafted by hand which accounts for the relatively few models made and their correspondingly high price tag. Each pen is signed by the artist and hand numbered using the Maki-e technique. Similar to recent past releases, this will once again be a limited edition run of just 400 pieces available worldwide. Pelikan’s product literature states that “The design pattern has no beginning and no end and stands for continuity which is a lucky design that implies long family happiness, prosperity, development, and professional success.” Availability is anticipated for some time in June 2023. Read on to learn all that we know of this new Raden model.

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