The Nib-on-a-Chain Explained

Pelikan Nib-on-a-ChainI have long been perplexed by the existence of various Pelikan ballpoints and fountain pens that feature a cap with a nib on a chain rather than a clip.  The extra nib hangs off of the cap, almost like a charm would.  That is not an entirely foreign concept as Pelikan tried something similar with their ‘Happy Pen’ in the 1970’s.  This variation of the tradition series is not well documented, however, in any of the materials that I have ever found.  No mention of it is made in either edition of Pelikan Schreibgeräte.  It certainly seems to be an odd choice of design and not very practical.  After much fruitless searching, I inquired from the most knowledgeable source that I know, Jürgen Dittmer of the Pelikan archives.  What I learned was also corroborated by information from Regina Martini, a well-known Pelikan retailer.

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