News: M201 Neptune Blue & Mars Red Limited Editions

Pelikan M201 Neptune Blue and Mars RedPrior to today, I had mistakenly thought that the M201 Bayou exclusive that recently sold out from Fountain Pen Hospital was to be a one off type of release.  Imagine my surprise then upon awakening this morning to an email from Fahrney’s Pens out of Washington D.C. announcing not one but two new M201 fountain pens exclusive to their establishment.  We now have the M201 Neptune Blue and Mars Red.  Like the Bayou, each pen will be limited to just 100 pieces.   The Neptune is described as having, “swirling, cosmic cloud-like patterns” while the Mars is “marbled with dark tones like a luminous nova in deep space.”  The cap, section, and piston knob will be solid black for both pens.  Interestingly, the trim will vary with the Neptune seeing silver-colored furniture while the Mars will have gold-colored furniture.  The nibs will be stainless steel available in sizes EF, F, M, B, and Italic.  Like the Bayou, the barrels will have some translucency to allow for viewing the remaining ink level in the pen.

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