Review: M7005 Majesty (2008-2012)

Pelikan M7005 MajestyIn 2007, Pelikan introduced the Majesty series of fountain pens.  Production would run through 2012 and include the M7000 and M7005.  They are hefty pens that incorporate a piston mechanism hidden by a sterling silver sleeve.  The M7000 is characterized by a sterling silver cap with gold plated accents and a two-tone nib.  A limited edition of this model made up of just 170 pens was released in 2008 in honor of the company’s 170th anniversary.  That version is entirely gold plated with three diamonds embedded in the nest on the cap top.  The M7005 eschews the gold plating and includes a highly polished black resin cap.  Each model line had a matching ballpoint and rollerball available.  The cap top features a Jugendstil frieze, the design of which was taken directly from the facade of Pelikan’s original offices in Hannover, Germany.  This horizontally, engraved band depicts a motif of pelicans, originally crafted by a stonemason at the turn of the century sometime between 1900 and 1906.  Jugendstil was the German counterpart to Art Nouveau, an artistic movement that was active from 1895 to 1910.  The movement developed as a reaction to the historicism and neo-classicism of the official art and architecture academies and was most active in the fields of graphic arts and interior design.  That original frieze remains in place to this day.  The Majesty’s launch was met with mixed emotion and, like its contemporary the Ductus, opinion was split down the middle.  Hampered by an undersized nib and a supersized price tag, the pen certainly had its detractors.  Read on to find out if the Majesty holds up to royal scrutiny.

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