News: M120 Iconic Blue Special Edition

Pelikan M120 Iconic Blue Fountain PenWhile not a quite a Pelikan, it looks like the bluebird of happiness may have just landed for some.  Hannover may have gotten off to a late start but they are wasting no time in giving us a few rapid fire releases.  Just forty-eight hours after news of the M600 Turquoise-White broke, we now get our first glimpse of the upcoming M120 Iconic Blue.  This is a follow-up to the M120 Green-Black which was re-issued back in early 2016.  Both of these models draw their design from the tried and true lineage of the original 120 that was made from 1955-1965.  While many similarities exists between old and new, these modern versions certainly stand out on their own and make for excellent and dependable writers that are true to their school pen roots.  Availability is anticipated for some time in March of this year alongside the M600 Turquoise-White.

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News: M120 Green-Black Special Edition

Pelikan M120 2016 Special Edition

Pelikan M120 for 2016 (click to enlarge)

Amongst the rumors that have surfaced about Pelikan’s 2016 line-up, the one that I was most dubious of was news of a forthcoming M120.  The original 120 was made from 1955-1965 as a school pen, Pelikan’s first entry into that market.  The lessons learned from the 120 would ultimately go on to inform the design and marketing of the first Pelikano released some five years later in 1960.  Before proceeding, it is important to distinguish between the original 120, often referred to as ‘Type I,’ and a second run of pens under the same name but with somewhat different styling made under contract by Merz & Krell from 1973-1977, the so-called ‘Type II.’  Rumors of a special edition replica paying homage to the original 120 may have just gained a bit more credibility.  Penworld, a long respected family run business out of Antwerp, Belgium since 1924, has announced via Twitter and Instagram news of the upcoming M120.  Quoted to be available some time around March of this year, this new release looks to be true to the original save for the appearance of the nib.

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