Pelikan’s 25 Year Anniversary Pen

Pelikan R200 25 Year Anniversary Cap EngravingPens have a ubiquitous presence in our environment which makes them well suited as promotional items.  We’ve all seen pens with business names and logos inscribed upon them as a means of advertising.  Sometimes the inscriptions are more meaningful and are intended to commemorate an event or recognize outstanding performance or participation.  Pens also serve this purpose well because they are so useful in our day to day lives.  We saw this with the Lagostina M150 where a company contracted with Pelikan to have a special, limited production pen made for exclusive distribution.  In this example, the pen was created as a gift for the management of the Italian cookware company Lagostina during the early 1980s.  In similar fashion, Pelikan has supplied pens to their employees on occasion to commemorate certain achievements or milestones.  One such event was the 25th anniversary of the opening of the manufacturing plant at Peine-Vöhrum, Germany.

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Review: A Trio of M101N’s



The M101N Tortoiseshell Red was recently released in September of 2014 and I wanted to mark the occasion by reviewing all three of the pens available in the series.  The M101N is the modern version of a line of pens that Pelikan first introduced in the 1930’s.  There were several variations released in that series, all of which command top dollar in today’s market due to their desirability amongst collectors.  Included in the original series were pens such as the highly sought after Lizard and the Tortoiseshell Red.  This new series pays homage to that lineage with an updated design while still retaining the original’s dimensions.  The first pen released in the series was the  Tortoiseshell Brown followed by the Lizard and then the Tortoiseshell Red. 

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