News: Pelikan 4001 Dark-Green

Pelikan 4001 Dark GreenSince Edelstein Turmaline debuted in 2012, we have become accustomed to seeing Pelikan release a new ink annually as part of their Ink-of-the-Year series.  These releases have been restricted to the relatively newer Edelstein line.  In contrast, Pelikan’s much older and mature 4001 line of inks does not often see a new release.  According to the company, as of January 2016, that is about to change.  In a somewhat surprise announcement to their Facebook page yesterday, Pelikan revealed 4001 Dark-Green.  The 4001 line is now well over 100 years old having been dubbed in 1898 and is very well-regarded for its properties, particularly its ability to tame the wet feeds of Pelikan’s pens.  Details are sparse right now and it is not entirely clear as to whether this will be a limited edition but I suspect it will likely be part of their standard line-up.  If so, Dark-Green will join the eight other inks in the line as well as pink which is only available in cartridge format.  I would expect this release to be found in flacons as depicted as well as standard international cartridges.  We won’t have to wait long for this one if next month’s release date is accurate.  I really like a nice dark green ink for my writing so I’m excited to see just what shade we’ll get with real world use.  What do you think of this new release?  I look forward to reading your thoughts below.

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