Holiday Palette II: Blue & Silver, Pelikan Style



Welcome to part two of my holiday posts.  I previously featured Pelikan pens that displayed the reds and greens so prevalent this time of year.  In this post, I will show pens of blue and silver/white, a color scheme which is also seen in abundance at year’s end.  Just another fun and festive post to end the year.  See you in 2015!

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Holiday Palette I: Red & Green, Pelikan Style

Several different red and green versions of Pelikan fountain pens


After an exhaustive look into the M6xx family of pens over the last several posts and with the upcoming holidays, I thought that it would be fun to shift focus to something more festive.  As we look at the world around us this time of year, we often see the characteristic colors of the season.  Vibrant reds and rich greens coexisting along deep blues and bright whites.  Regardless of what holiday you may choose to celebrate personally, we are surrounded by this inescapable landscape of color.  When I reflect upon my Pelikan fountain pen collection, one of the things that I am drawn to is the wide array of colors that have been introduced over the years.  In Pelikan’s home country of Germany, conservative blacks have always prevailed according to the popular sensibilities of the culture.  The export markets have been delighted, however, to receive a vast rainbow of colorful pens, some of which are not commonly seen these days.  As we lead up to the final days of the holiday season, I would like to provide you with the last two posts of the year.  The first will be a pictorial celebration of reds and greens curated from my collection.  To follow this up, I will feature pens of blue and silver/white in another post.  Fun posts for this festive time of year as we get ready to look ahead to 2015.  I’m sure that Pelikan will have many more exciting announcements in store for the new year.  I wish all of you a happy holidays and hope that you have enjoyed the content and discussion of the site thus far.  Until next year….

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