Holiday Palette II: Blue & Silver, Pelikan Style



Welcome to part two of my holiday posts.  I previously featured Pelikan pens that displayed the reds and greens so prevalent this time of year.  In this post, I will show pens of blue and silver/white, a color scheme which is also seen in abundance at year’s end.  Just another fun and festive post to end the year.  See you in 2015!



White and blue models.





Pre and post-’97 blue and grey marbled models along with clear and blue demonstrators.

M200 M200b




Clear and light blue demonstrators.





Blue-silver stripes and black-silver rhomb (lozenge).




M250, M405, & M605

Post-’97 dark blue M250, M605 Marine Blue, and solid dark blue M405.



Holiday Palette I: Red & Green, Pelikan Style

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