Contest: WIN a Pelikan M205 Moonstone Fountain Pen & Ink Set

Pelikan M2xx Amethyst, Aquamarine, Smoky Quartz, Olivine, Star Ruby, and MoonstoneSeptember 1st is always a day of reflection for me since it heralds the anniversary of The Pelikan’s Perch going live.  That’s right, The Perch turns six today!  I always like to take this time to look back and see where the blog has been and try to visualize where it’s going.  The last year has seen incredible challenges to our way of life.  Hyper-partisan politics, economic devastation, a spotlight on racial inequality, weather extremes of biblical proportions, and the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic seemingly leave little to celebrate.  These real world concerns have adversely impacted every facet of daily life including this blog, limiting my ability to bring you the same volume of content that I have in years past.  Still, while lacking in quantity I hope that I have made up for that with quality.  In addition to my family, the blog has been my refuge, helping to keep me sane amid the turmoil and uncertainty brought about by the coronavirus.  The engagement with the pen community that the blog has afforded me has allowed me to retain faith that we may indeed overcome these hardships.  I thank you all for that and hope that you will continue to keep up your engagement with the site, either via email or the comments feature.  To those who have been content to spectate, that is fine too, but I encourage you to join the conversation.  My personal goals for the site have not changed and I will continue to endeavor to expand the Pelikan knowledge base for as long as I’m able.  The Perch remains a labor of love.  As such, I will continue to forbid advertising, refuse solicitation, and not accept gifted products of any type for review.  This allows me to bring you a clean viewing experience and allows me to remain free of bias.  The integrity of the site is of utmost importance to me.  The one downside to this approach is that it limits me from being able to host very many giveaways.  My prior two contests were in honor of The Perch’s birthday and I’m thrilled to be in a position to bring you The Perch’s third annual anniversary giveaway.  As a thank you from me to this amazing community of pen lovers, I am offering up a 2020 Pelikan M205 Moonstone Demonstrator fountain pen and ink gift set.  I’m only able to do so thanks to the consideration afforded to me by the world class crew at Fritz Schimpf.  Read on to learn how you might enter for a chance to win.

UPDATE 9/27/20:  The Perch’s 6th Anniversary contest is now over, and I sincerely thank everyone for their participation.   I really enjoyed reading all your shared sentiments.  It’s amazing how so many of us have found solace during these turbulent times in letter writing and journaling.  With everything seemingly virtual these days, it’s nice to see that there is still a place for the analog.  With over 176 entries to comb through this year, choosing a winner was difficult to say the least.  I’m pleased to announce that Katja Stokley was selected as the winner of the M205 Moonstone fountain pen and ink gift set.  Hopefully it will bring some sparkle to her flock.  While the contest may be over, I hope that your engagement here on The Perch is not.  Please feel free to continue to contribute to the conversation and be sure to keep an eye on The Perch for all your Pelikan news and in-depth analysis.  Hopefully I will be able to do this again in the future.  Stay safe everyone.
Pelikan M205 Moonstone


Pelikan’s M205 Moonstone fountain pen has been a highly anticipated release.  Due out in October, the newest demonstrator of the Classic line will feature varying shades of translucent gray material married to a shimmering finish.  Not only is it a piston filling model, it comes from a lineage of durable everyday carry fountain pens that should serve whoever owns one well.  You can find out more about this model here.  Pelikan’s own sales literature states;

“Inspired by the gemstone Moonstone, this series gives the mystic aura of the moonstone an outline and transforms the fascinating sparkle into a writing instrument.  The magic grey color reminds of moonlight rays and is sparkling as soon as the writing instrument comes in touch with the daylight.  A special material combination realizes this unique effect and creates more than one shade of grey.”

Pelikan M205 Moonstone


Here is how to enter;

1.  Click to subscribe to this site via e-mail (or your WordPress account if you have one).  You can use the link below, the button at the bottom right hand corner of the page, or you can sign up via the widget in the side bar to the right.  Don’t worry, The Perch never spams you.  If you are already following the blog, you can skip directly to step 2.

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2.  Leave a comment below.  This year, I would like to hear how fountain pens and/or writing have helped you cope with the isolation brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.  Also, feel free to let me know what you have enjoyed the most from The Perch and please do let me know if there is any topic that you would like to see addressed in a future post.  Finally, let me know why you would like to add the M205 Moonstone to your flock and what winning such a pen would mean to you.  The two steps outlined thus far will earn you one entry into the contest.

3.  Similar to last year, I will again allow one additional entry via the social media platforms of Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram.  Pick whichever one you prefer.  All you need to do is make sure that you follow my account and then post a picture of your flock tagging me and using the hashtag #GrowMyFlock2020.  Caption it by telling me why this Moonstone set should come home to roost with you.  If you don’t already have a few Pelikans in the nest, that’s OK.  Show me what you do have and tell me why you’re interested in trying a Pelikan.  Please make sure you’ve also left a comment below and not just on social media. 

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That’s all there is to it.  I’ve tried to keep it straight forward and fun.  The contest will run from September 1st though the 22nd and be governed by the rules set forth below.  Everyone 18 or older is welcome to participate (except residents of Quebec, Canada and where prohibited by law).  By subscribing to the site, you may choose to be alerted to new posts which will ensure you are up to date with all the latest Pelikan news, events, and my own extensively researched articles not available anywhere else.  Please make sure to spread the word about this contest to any pen lovers in your acquaintance before the deadline so that all lovers of the Pelikan brand and/or fine writing instruments in general can get in on the fun.

Pelikan M205 Moonstone


Contest Terms & Conditions
  • The contest will run from the time of announcement on Tuesday, September 1st, 2020 until midnight eastern standard time (23:59 EST) on Monday, September 22nd, 2020.  The winner will be notified via e-mail within 72 hours of the close of the contest.  They will then have 72 hours to respond before they forfeit the prize and an alternate winner is chosen.
  • One winner will be chosen to receive a Pelikan M205 Moonstone fountain pen and ink gift set.  The pen and ink combo are brand new.  This pen and ink set has a U.S. MSRP of $270.  The prize is not transferable to another person.
  • The contest is open to people worldwide (excluding residents of Quebec, Canada and in countries where such a contest is prohibited by law) to persons age 18 or older.  Up to two entries are allowed per person in accordance with the instructions outlined above and below.  Myself, my family, or anyone else directly associated with The Pelikan’s Perch are excluded from consideration.
  • To take part in the contest, first click to subscribe to this site via e-mail or your WordPress account.  You can use the link above, click the button at the bottom right hand corner of the page, or sign up via the widget in the side bar to the right.  If you are already subscribed, you can skip to the next step.  Once subscribed, just leave a comment below letting me know how fountain pens and/or writing have helped you cope with the isolation brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.  Also, feel free to let me know what you have enjoyed the most from The Perch and please do let me know if there is any topic that you would like to see addressed in a future post.  Finally, let me know why you would like to add the M205 Moonstone to your flock and what winning such a pen would mean to you.  Both tasks must be completed for an entry to be considered valid.  All comments are subject to review and approval before becoming valid entries.  In rare instances, a genuine comment may inadvertently be flagged as spam by Akismet and may not be available for consideration though every reasonable effort will be made to prevent that occurrence.
  • A single extra entry via the social media platforms of Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram will be available again this year.  Pick whichever site you prefer.  To gain an additional entry; follow my blog, post a picture of your flock tagging me, and include the hashtag #GrowMyFlock2020.  Caption it by telling me just why this Moonstone set should come home to roost with you.  This is not a substitute for subscribing to the site and commenting on this page.   Any social media entries not following steps 1 and 2 above will not be considered.
  • The winner will have submitted a valid entry or entries and be selected by me based on the response provided below and/or via social media.  The judge’s decision is final.
  • Neither Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Slack, Pinterest, Reddit, nor any other social media entity is in any way associated with this contest.  This blog has no affiliation with Pelikan International and this contest is completely independent of that entity as well.  There is no sponsorship for this contest.  The pen was purchased by Joshua Danley of The Pelikan’s Perch from Fritz Schimpf for the sole purpose of this contest.  By providing your information in this forum, you are providing your information to me and me alone.  I do not share or sell information and will use any information only for the purpose of contacting the winner.
  • The prize will be mailed to the winner via the United States Postal Service.  I will ship the pen within 7 days of me receiving the package from Fritz Schimpf in Germany.  It takes an average of two weeks from the date of release for me to receive overseas items (further delays may be anticipated due to recent issues with USPS) but can take up to four weeks depending upon U.S. customs.  I appreciate your patience.  The winner’s response to my notification e-mail must include a valid shipping address.  The Perch is not responsible for misdirected or lost packages.
  • The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning.  Void where prohibited by law.  No purchase necessary.
  • Persons may only win one prize from this site within a 12 month period meaning the winner from the year prior (2019) is ineligible for this contest.
  • The Pelikan’s Perch reserves the right to publish the winner’s name to this blog.  Neither the blog nor its administrator can be held liable for lost/delayed e-mail, typographical errors, or technical failures. 

Thank you for your entry and good luck to all!

Pelikan Edelstein Moonstone

176 responses

  1. I am a lawyer and I have been working at my dining room table for the past six months. I am also a writer — I have written memoirs, short stories, novels. A few weeks into quarantine, perhaps due to the ergonomics of my home work set-up, I started having horrible repetitive strain in my right hand. After experimenting various ways, I figured out it was constant mousing on the computer that was causing the pain. So, for several weeks, I needed to return to as much longhand writing as possible. Fortunately, I have been collecting fountain pens for years. I inked up a bunch of pens and felt like I was returning to the 19th century. The novel I am currently writing is partially set in Lyon during WWII and then in Los Angeles. I love Pelikan pens, but I am finding that I needed to use smaller ones to help keep my hand pain in check. My big red-striped M800 will need to wait for another month or year.
    My little Stresemann and the iconic blue M120 have been the perfect things. Plus, they make me feel like I am living in the times I am writing about. I wrote a piece about some of this on my website. How lovely would it be to have another Pelikan brother to join them!

    I’m a bit of a classicist with my pens. I prefer black, moody blues, greys with inks to match. The Moonstone fits perfectly in my preferred zone.

    I have used your website to better understand the numbering and sizes of the Pelikans. You provide a wonderful amount of information!


    • In quarantine, as one seldom goes out, writing (of course with fountain pens — as how else can one write, then again writing this contradicts such a statement, but nevermind it), has helped me escape to new worlds of my own creation, understand reality, and otherwise explore.

      I love how this website keeps one up to date with information pertaining to Pelikan. It really is a great source for information.


  2. Coping: I’ve been doing a fair amount of letter writing. Of course with fountain pens. Writing about one’s health and asking of others’ takes on significance when the connection is by mail and thus slower. And more so when the person you correspond with lives in a hard hit area.

    I enjoy your news of events and releases from Pelikan. You keep us up to date very well.

    How can one not enjoy a sparkling gray pen and matching. It would make up a little of our loss from not being able to gather at a Pen Hub this year


  3. My pens and inks have made journaling during this time a joy, and I’ve been spending more time in online pen groups sharing swatches. The Moonstone would be my first Pelikan and may be my first Pelikan purchase regardless of this giveaway outcome.


  4. My fountain pens have helped me connect with my sister through writing letters during the pandemic. I enjoy your posts about the smaller Pelikan models. I wish they had more colors but I know they’re niche. And M205 would be my second Pelikan! My first was a gift from my boyfriend.


  5. I use my ocean swirl 805 for journaling in my Hobonici techo This helps me get my thoughts and life changes down and out of the swirl of my brain. Love my pens for this purpose but also for writing cards to friends through the pandemic lockdown. Congrats on your anniversary.


  6. How paper and pens and ink helped me through the ‘crisis’ well that’s odd because I think I am one of those that really isn’t affected much other than the pain of being unable to have your colleagues around… Other than that writing utensils play an important role in the analog side of my life. A bulletjournal, a Studio Note to keep a journal and an MD page-a-day to keep track of appointments and daily habits and as a scratchpad…


    • I think, for me as many others, the quarantine and Covid in general has made me feel more isolated and just generally less overall happy and positive. I used fountain pen purchasing as a form of retail therapy to make myself feel better. I know, not the most responsible form of therapy, but it’s better than others lol. Then using fountain pens brings me joy as well, so it was a win-win.

      I actually haven’t used Pelikan’s Perch before. I was introduced to the site through this giveaway, but I’m glad I found it and look forward to all the future content.


      • Ah yes well retail therapy is at least three orders of magnitude cheaper than being in hospital. I’m doing this kind of therapy a bit longer already and never was really into Pelikan until I found out about the Signum series which was sort of logical being into eighties metal pens. And from there I ventured into the Level series which are great really. They’re holding a metric ton of ink and are your typical Pelikan smooth writers…


  7. Journalling about how life changed during the quarantine has helped tremendously. I used your blog early on to help in deciding which new Pelikan to purchase and am thoroughly enjoying a new M600. I have two M205s and would love to add a third to the collection!


  8. Congrats on the anniversary! My fountain pens have been helpful, as always, to capture and send notes and letters with a personal touch. The Moonstone M205 would be a great companion to my black M600 and M215 Rings pens, and I am curious to discover the weight differences between the M215 and M20x versions.


  9. I am new to the fountain pen world and tried a few before I found Pelikan. Now I am an enthusiast. Well an enthusiast with 2 Pelikan pens. Hardly does two make a flock. I have the M205 Blue and i was able to locate an M600 green stripe with an OM nib. I would love to make this pen part of my collection.


  10. My Pelikans have helped me in this time of pandemic because the M1000 Green Ray came out just as lockdown was really beginning to wear on us, and I totally splurged and bought it as my “As a priest, I managed to figure out how to do Lent and Holy Week and Easter Sunday online with no warning or training” treat to myself. It was so incredibly gorgeous that I couldn’t resist. It is now my absolute favorite pen in my entire collection. I keep it inked with aqua or turquoise inks and it makes me so happy to look at and use. It brings me a bit of beauty every day. The M1000 Green Ray also showed me that I can enjoy large pens even though I have small hands, if they are light and well-balanced.

    I use my pens every day for note taking and for journaling and for sermon-writing, and for writing notes to parishioners. During the lockdown the online fountain pen community has been a key social connection which is distinct from my work, which is very important.

    A few weeks ago Appelboom had a special where you got a “Pelikan Cares” facemask with any Pelikan purchase. Since it would be a great way to rep my Pelikan passion in this time of mandatory mask wearing, I went ahead and ordered the M205 Blue Marble, which I’d always admired since I first saw one but hadn’t justified buying yet, so I could get the mask.

    My M205s are my favorite everyday Pelikans that I can take with me anywhere. My M205 Aquamarine was my first bird, and got me hooked on the brand. Pelikan is one of two brands I’d say I come closest to “collecting” rather than “randomly acquiring.” So I’d love to add another M205, the Moonstone, to my flock, but given my earlier splurges in the “pendemic,” I’ve been on the fence about buying it.


  11. The M1000 Green Ray was released just as we got into the most serious part of the lockdown here in Connecticut, and when I, as a parish priest, was trying to figure out how to have my parish observe Lent, Holy Week and Easter without meeting in person or entering our buildings or celebrating the sacraments. It was exhausting and challenging and certainly nothing I’d ever imagined doing. The Green Ray was so gorgeous (I love raden, and turquoise and pink are two of my favorite colors in anything), that I splurged and bought one as my treat to myself for dealing with the pandemic. It is now my favorite pen in my entire pen collection because of its beauty and the way it writes (it’s also the most expensive, but that’s not why it’s my favorite!). I keep it inked with aqua or turquoise ink and it brings joy and beauty into my life every time I look at it or write with it.

    The online pen community has been a key source of social connection and community at this time when we cannot travel to see friends or family or even have lunch with friends. I have only been in my current town and parish a year, so haven’t had time to make many local friends yet, and non-parish friends are essential for clergy, so the pen community has been a godsend for me.

    I use my pens daily for note taking, journaling, writing notes to parishioners, and writing sermons and reflections.

    Later this spring Pelikan and Appelboom offered a free “Pelikan Cares” face mask with any Pelikan pen purchase. I took that as inspiration to order an M205 Blue Marble, which I’ve always admired, so that I could rep my love for Pelikan by wearing the mask.

    The M205s are my favorite Pelikans for carrying everyday and not worrying about–their bouncy steel nibs, attractive materials, and (for Pelikan) reasonable price point make them a great pen. Even though I love my big M1000 and it showed me I can use large pens if they’re well-balanced and light, the M200-400 and M600 sizes are more my (and my wallet’s!) preference. My M205 Aquamarine was my first bird, and what got me totally hooked on the brand. Pelikan is one of the two brands I’d say I come closest to “collecting” rather than just randomly acquiring. (The other brand is Pilot, so you can see I like a smooth writing experience and a bit of bounce.)

    (I tried to post an earlier version of this by phone but didn’t see it appear–apologies if this is a double post, and feel free to delete one or the other.)

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    • Posted too soon…. I’d like to win the Moonstone because it would expand my M205 sub-collection, and because I want to support anything Pelikan does to make their more affordable pens also more interesting in materials! I love the stripes but heartily commend the move into sparkles!

      As for the blog, just keep doing what you’re doing. I turn to you for all my Pelikan news.

      I’m a history buff, so anything about Pelikan’s corporate history or place in German culture, especially during the world wars, would always be enlightening. Also, why on earth the US distributor prices themselves out of the online market such that so many of us buy our birds from overseas rather than support our local shops, because the price difference is too big to overlook.


  12. thank you for connecting folks with Pelikan. They are one of my favorite pen brands, but I only have 1! During the past year, fountain pens continue to bring joy. I write a lot. From daily writing to list making to doodling I think how my pens have been a place where I can experience joy wherever I am. Holding the pen, feeling the paper, riding the ink, seeing that perfect combination of pen, paper, pigment … just, wonderful. A mini retreat with no demands or expectations. Thank you for supporting the pen community.

    I’ve been reluctant to add many other Pelikans because I am on a very limited budget. I prefer larger pens so these more expensive pens are a bit out of reach. I do get enticed by some of the 205s because I prefer silver accents to gold. And I’m very excited about Moonstone because my favorite color is grey (seriously) and it is just a striking pen. It looks even better than the last few releases. I’m in love. I don’t “mind” smaller pens so I think this one will feel well fitted in my hand because it is just so lovely. I’m looking forward to it. What a great release. Kudos to Pelikan. Thanks to Pelikan’s Perch!


  13. I find myself writing in a journal to deal with the stress of semi-isolation, and having a outlet makes it more bearable. Alongside this, writing to my significant other everyday had made a huge difference.

    Personally, I have never had a pelikan pen, and I would love to diversify my collection a little, alongside that, my girlfriend loves smaller pens and pale greys, so she would love to try both of these.


  14. 1. Fountain pens have helped me cope because I have been buying more fountain pens in an effort to support smaller vendors and makers.
    2. I have enjoyed the in-depth stories you publish in The Perch. I like that they are thoroughly researched and well-written.
    3. I would like to win the M205 Moonstone, because I don’t have any sparkly pens, so this one would fill that yawning chasm.


  15. Fountain pens have helped me to tide through this pandemic time through journaling. It is a process of reminding myself to always treasure each new day. I do not own a Pelikan yet but would really be excited to get my hands on one if I were to win this! This M205 Moonstone will definitely be a good starting point to build a flock in the future.


  16. 1. Writing has helped me release a lot of stress and anxiety.
    2. I love learning new facts about Pelikans from your website!
    3. It would replace my current Pelikan whose cap just cracked :/


  17. Im very new to fountain pens and stationery. I got a lamy in July and some nice paper because I wanted to have meaningful tools to write letters to my family, that I had moved away from at the end of February. Between those letters and a newfound love of journaling, Ive been making my way through it all a day at a time. Fountain pens are, to me, a way to bring just a little bit of consideration back to the world which is so focused on being efficient and quick. The ink and pen choice are proxy for the physicality and style beyond my words and feelings.

    Ill be very honest, I am new to this blog, but I look forward to following it! As Ive gotten more and more into pens, Ive been looking for more writing and video content to get into.

    Adding this pen to my collection would be essentially the next fountain pen step for me. All of my pens come from the “starter pens” lists on suggestion pages, so the Pelikan represents a pen thats less assembly line than the ones I own currently. And I love my Lamy Safaris: they have been an encouragement- little reasons to keep writing for the joy of the physical act of writing. Adding in a pen of the quality of a Pelikan M205 would be the equivalent of going from a Volkswagen to a Mercedes-Benz. You can enjoy a drive in a Volkswagen, but you enjoy drive-ing a Mercedes.


  18. 🙂 Thank you for all your interesting posts about pens, inks and writing!
    What a great Birthday Gift you’re giving one of us. However, I will refrain from entering your giveaway, as I gray is not really my color of choice (If you’d give a way a purple, orange or red pen, then I’d be shouting “Yes, here I am!!!), although I will add the ink to my collection!
    Stay healthy and keep on the fantastic work on interesting things about wriging.
    Have a HAPPY day!
    Claudia 🙂


  19. I have a multi-faceted love affair with Pelikan which makes the Perch a favourite read. I love my M800’s and M1000’s on a rotation and also work at a local fine writing retailer selling these great pens. I was among the 5 members of the jury who selected Olivine (the grey came in second) and was noted in the first issue of Pelikan Passion magazine. As a teacher I have been away from the classroom, but actively logged my online classes during the spring – and wrote the first draft of a short story/novella – with my trusty pals from Hanover. As I return to the classroom – and online – I will continue to enlighten my high school Business students by using (but certainly not lending!) my fountain pens. Your objectivity and ratings have been the best I’ve seen on-line and a great source of new and in-depth information for me when I am selling Pelikan on Saturdays. If only the distribution to Canada shipped these new introductions faster! The Star Ruby with the glitter wasn’t my style but the monochromatic Moonstone is indeed intriguing and would be a welcome addition to my modest flock. Perhaps you could include an inked-up photo of any demonstrators such as these Edelstein models so we can visualize what they’d look like in-use. Keep up the great work and Happy Anniversary!


  20. I’ve been casually using fountain pens for years, but working (and doing everything from home) has made me use fountain pens all the time. My archivist friend encouraged me to keep a covid journal, so I’ve been journaling every day since march, and I’ve bought a bunch of new fountain pens to keep journaling interesting. And I’ve reconnected with the online fp community, which has been wonderful.

    I don’t actually own any pelicans. The aesthetic hasn’t been my thing, or the ones I’ve liked have been way too expensive for me. But I love moonstones, and I think this pen is gorgeous. So, if I win this, it’ll be my first; and if I don’t win it, I’ll be buying it once it’s on sale.


  21. I have a chronic illness, I almost never left home during the whole pandemic process. But I couldn’t stop without getting a pen. As I am already a copywriter and social media editor, I was able to manage my business from home. Fortunately, there is writing and reading. Do not miss the streets very much, only the countryside and the sea. And… Happy Anniversary! Be safe everyone!


  22. I’ve been enjoying sending letters across the world and getting to use all my pens! I’ve never owned a Pelikan, but I’ve been looking at them for years. I’m just trying to decide where to start. I just found your blog from the Pen Addict and what a great introduction to Pelikan. I hope to start my flock with the M205. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


  23. Congratulations The Perch.
    I can only write personal texts with a fountain pen. Then I copy on digital media but the creation needs to be with a fountain pen.
    The Perch has been my main source of information about Pelikan.
    The M205 Moonstone seems unobtrusive enough to be used daily, although it is sparkling. It would be the pen to carry with me daily in my notebook. Just out of curiosity, my birthday is also on September 1st.


  24. Writing (with a fountain pen of course), provides a means to create a new world, a new reality. Allows us to ponder reality, and to call ourselves silly after the fact. It is a rather wonderful experience, for one can explore the world in our minds and on paper, without ever leaving the house, and that is truly wonderful during this time.

    I have learned so much about Pelikan from this blog, it covers nuances of a subject in a manner that I seldom see.


  25. Thanks for giving us the chance to celebrate the anniversary together!
    I’ve been using fountain pens for about 45 years. I use the pens to take notes on work-related matters, to write almost every day in a journal and to send hand-written notes to people (a few of them each week). During the pandemic I’ve been writing more notes to people just to stay more closely connected with friends and family as we are physically isolated from each other.
    I’ve so appreciate the Pelikan’s Perch because you keep us informed both about the new developments and products and well as keeping us deeply grounded in the long Pelikan history. You know so much about the whole story, I’m just very happy to follow you and your curiosity, Joshua.
    I’ve typically been attracted to the more primary colors of ink–blue, purple, orange, red, green, etc. I’m finding the Moonstone to be kind of mysterious and inviting in a deeper, more primal way. So, I’d love to be able to add both the pen and the ink to my flock!


  26. I have been writing in my journal a lot more. I have just started collecting fountain pens just this year. I have always been using and collecting pens in general. I used fountain pens many years ago but have just this year started using them again. It has given me some relaxation and stress relieving effects by putting pen to paper with my frustrations and good experiences.

    I do not own any Pelikan products yet. To win this sure would be a great start in having a very high quality product. Thanks for the chance of finally acquiring one. I hope I win.



  27. Since March 13th (the last day I went to my office — I’ve been working from home since), I’ve been writing at least one postcard or letter a day — using, of course, my fountain pens. Besides reaching out to people I care about, it’s given me more hobbies to occupy my mind so it doesn’t start spinning — postcard shopping, looking for neat vintage stamps on eBay, and similar. It’s helped see me through the isolation of COVID19, and has even prompted a few friends to pick up their own pens and write a few cards.

    I’m entirely new to Ye Perch — I don’t even own a Pelikan yet, though I *do* keep looking at them. My most expensive pen to date is a Lamy AL-star, so a Pelikan would be a bit of a jump in cost. But they’re lovely pens, and every indication is that they’re exactly the kind of thing I’d enjoy. And, wow, that Moonstone model is exceptional.


  28. I’m a new reader, and very new to Fountain Pens. I bought my first pen (Dark Green Kaweco Sport) after being quarantined and have now filled two Rhodia dotBooks with an idea for a novel. It’s been great fun. A Pelikan M205 Moonstone would be my first high-end pen, and I’d love to know how that would feel. I love a small pen that posts. This looks to be the perfect pen for an architect — the reserved grey speaks to my mathematical, reserved side, and the sparkles add that artistic design flair.

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  29. The pandemic really threw a wrench into our education curriculum, and while it was nice to have the luxury of being able to hole up inside and take notes on online lectures with fountain pens, it was also a humbling realisation of why I went into medicine. I look forward to the coming years when I will be able to tackle the challenges following Covid with my colleagues and patients. But now, it is my job to learn as much as I can, and fountain pens certainly make it less painful!

    I would love to be able to try the Moonstone as it has both the charms of modern-looking demonstrator (which I haven’t had since a TWSBI 540 many years ago that cracked…) while maintaining an understated and professional look from afar that doesn’t draw too much attention.


  30. Thanks a lot for the blog and the giveaway.
    Fountain have helped me during the confinement mainly because I keep a journal, and the main reason to keep a journal is to write with my fountain pens.
    What I like the most in The Pelikan’s Perch are the posts about the history of the different models.
    I want the M200 Moonstone set because get is my favourite colour for ink, and among my favourites for pens (along with yellow and orange)


  31. My pen hobby has helped me maintain a regular schedule during quarantine of writing and maintenance. It has also brought me community through the r/fountainpens and Pen Addict podcast 🙂

    This Pelikan would be the first in my collection. I have been wanting a Pelikan for some months now but they’re quite expensive, so this would mean a lot to me.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  32. I’ve leaned into writing fiction, which helps a creative project I’m working on and helps keep me distracted to boot.

    Moonstones are among my favorite gemstones, and this year’s pen is really quite lovely. I’ve only ever had a Pelikano, and it was a fine writer, but I passed it along to my spouse so he could try a Pelikan.


  33. I work in frontline healthcare and times have been challenging. I use my pens when I’m not at work to write letters to my young son for him to read when he gets older.

    The M205 is my favourite Pelikan model, and dark grey and black pens are my favourite pen colours. So, the Moonstone edition looks right up my alley!

    Thank you for the giveaway.


  34. I’ve taken the pandemic as an opportunity to restart daily journaling, a habit that faded away after the birth of our son. Writing has been a great way to slow down and think about what I am grateful for despite tough times.

    I’ve never owned a Pelikan. I’ve seen and heard great things about them. They all look so beautiful. I’d love to get the chance to own one.

    Thank you for giving us an opportunity to win such a beautiful pen.


  35. I had a journaling-with-a-fountain-pen phase decades ago and am just starting to pick it up again. I ordered a Lamy Safari and a Leuchtturm notebook (pen is here, still waiting on the notebook, but it should be any day now!). I remembered in my previous fountain pen phase that I had a bottle of very memorable green Pelikan ink and started to look into Pelikan more. I never knew back then about Pelikan fountain pens, but I definitely do now! I’ve decided that they are my grail pen and that’s how I ended up finding your blog. I think I have to work up to a Pelikan slowly, though. I’ll probably reward myself with a new pen when I finish my first journal, and well, then I have to think of what goals I should meet before springing for the Pelikan grail pen. Thanks so much for the opportunity!


    • Edit: I wanted to add that my favorite post so far is “A Guide to Buying Pelikan” since that is where I am in the search right now. The comments on the vintage 400NN (especially the part where you mention that it would probably be the pen you would choose if you could only keep one!) have me thinking that will be my first Pelikan, rather than the new model I was thinking of before. The best part about this is that it is more affordable and so I can probably justify getting it much sooner!


  36. I have been using pens to reflect on the times we are in. To process it all and to give myself a record of what we have experienced. And maybe to pass the record onto my kids.

    I enjoy The Perch for the historical perspective you provide. I like learning about a brand I care about more in-depth.

    Winning this pen would be great. I would enjoy using it in my daily writing and the pen would also be a great pocket pen. It would also feel like a win in a world where that is not the case lately. I was looking for a new job before the pandemic, and now am out of work and trying to lead 3 kids through online schooling, while also trying to figure out my own future in a really bad job market. I can’t afford any new pens right now, so this would be an amazing treat.

    Thanks for your work here and the giveaway,


  37. I was first taught to use a fountain pen at junior school. My father had bought me a cheap one from a well known stationery store. I was intrigued and in awe about it. Especially how the nib, or so I thought, was so smooth. Later, I lost interest during secondary (high) school as ballpoint pens in all shapes and sizes were prevalent. It was not until around 10 years ago that my interest was rekindled when I saw that there were YouTube channels and many websites devoted to fountain pens. I bought my first expensive (anything over 100 GBP was expensive in my opinion), which was a Waterman Carene. It was the unique inlaid nib and design that caught my attention. Over the years, I would buy a new pen infrequently and would sometimes spend hours just writing, anything that came into my mind; random thoughts, poems, essays, lists, you name it. It was the joy of writing with a pen. I ended up with a couple of Pelikan fountain pens too.

    The death of my father just over a year ago really hit me. He sadly passed away within a month of being diagnosed with cancer. During those last few weeks, I had tried to obtain as much information as possible about his life; his childhood stories of growing up, the troubles and hardship that he had been through and all the happy parts of his life. I was using a fountain pen to jot down as much as possible. He said that he had so much to tell me but sadly in a short time I had lost my mentor, teacher, my pillar of support. It was then that I lost interest in fountain pens and writing. Over time, it had made me think, that I must write down my life story for my children, their children and so on for them to read but I never lifted a fountain pen let alone a pen to write this all down.

    Fast forward to now, the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown had turned my attention back to pens and writing. Again, writing random thoughts, phrases, anything has helped me cope with the isolation brought on by the pandemic but yet I could not find myself to write my own life story until I saw a picture of the Pelikan M205 Moonstone Demonstrator fountain pen on your website. At this point, I knew that this is the pen that I would want to use to write my life story.

    I enjoy reading the history about fountain pens and this is what I enjoy reading about the most on Pelikan pens at Pelikan’s Perch.

    I would like to add the Moonstone to my current flock because this is the pen that I would use to write my life story and winning such a pen will make my dream come true hopefully enabling me to find some solace. The pen will also be a sibling to my M205 Clear Demonstrator, where the pens will form a Yin Yang complement.


  38. Like so many others, I have found during this quarantine period that the physical act of writing is calming and healing in a way that interacting with screens is not. I had been writing letters to a number of people (both real life relatives and friends and pen pals found through groups like FPN and Postcrossing) already, but am doing much more of that now. I am exploring ways to keep a journal and to both record and control my emotions.

    I love Pelikans. My first fountain pen (age 9, Lagos, Nigeria) was a Pelikan school pen. When I came back to Pelikans as an adult, the first “serious” pen I bought was a Pelikan 400NN. In an age where large pens are prized, I value smaller pens like the Pelikan 2xx/4xx – I find them just perfect. If I were to receive the Moonstone, it would join a very small group of Pelikans, and would be used regularly.

    I’m grateful to you for providing all this information about Pelikans. I’ve enjoyed reading and learning from you about my favorite pens. I’ve also been reading through the comments and am so impressed with all of the folks who have chosen to tell a little about their journey with fountain pens, so I know that the pen will go to someone who will love and appreciate it.


  39. Like so many others, I have found during this quarantine period that the physical act of writing is calming and healing in a way that interacting with screens is not. I had been writing letters to a number of people (both real life relatives and friends and pen pals found through groups like FPN and Postcrossing) already, but am doing much more of that now. I am exploring ways to keep a journal and to both record and control my emotions.

    I love Pelikans. My first fountain pen (age 9, Lagos, Nigeria) was a Pelikan school pen. When I came back to Pelikans as an adult, the first “serious” pen I bought was a Pelikan 400NN. In an age where large pens are prized, I value smaller pens like the Pelikan 2xx/4xx – I find them just perfect. If I were to receive the Moonstone, it would join a very small group of Pelikans, and would be used regularly.

    I’m grateful to you for providing all this information about Pelikans. I’ve enjoyed reading and learning from you about my favorite pens. I’ve also been reading through the comments and am so impressed with all of the folks who have chosen to tell a little about their journey with fountain pens, so I know that the pen will go to someone who will love and appreciate it.


  40. The feel of the nib on good paper has helped me a lot this year. Don’t even really have to say anything when I journal, just relax and went the feel of the nib and the ink flow.

    The Perch has been fun to read and informative on pens that I would never know about otherwise. I’ve been into the hobby for a couple of years now, but still feel like a total newbie and the site has been very informative.

    I don’t currently on a Pelikan, and I really like the 200/05 models. The colors are cool, but the dark grey is probably my favorite of all that I’ve seen since I’ve gotten into the hobby. The amethyst wins overall, but that one came out before I fell in love with pens. So let me see what the pen is all about,and hopefully I’ll get lucky! And I’ve really fallen hard for nice grey inks lately. Definitely getting a bottle when I can.


  41. I just started my fountain pen journey, and may have dove head first. It was partly driven by world events and wanting to get things down on paper. I’ve been looking to just explore options on pens with a good writing experience to me, so winning my firs Pelikan seems like a good way to do that 🙂


  42. Writing has become especially important to me this year; partially due to the mindfulness I experience during, but also through the creative process and I am constantly trying to process what in the world is happening each day. Fountain pens are my writing tool of choice most days because it is an additional hobby that sort of piggy backs onto my writing hobby. Or maybe it’s the other way around? Ive found that I’m not so interested in constant Zoom meetings with friends this year, I’m already on Zoom for work all day, and so writing has allowed me to still communicate in the absence of some of my good friends. After starting work from home I got to go all in on making my work station a writing station as well where I can safely store and constantly use my tools. The pandemic sucks. But it’s helped me get rid of some of the chafe that had prevented me from writing more.


  43. Hi Joshua,

    Thanks for putting together this contest!

    For probably the past 14 years, now, fountain pens have been my main writing tool for my journaling. While I could use a pencil, a ballpoint, or a rollerball, I’ve just found myself heavily attracted to fountain pens. The ability to vary line widths, choose different nib sizes, choose different ink colors, and just feel connected with the paper, and the act of journaling, in a way that only a fountain pen experience provides. I guess I can’t really describe it very well, but it just feels….right. So I would say that during these COVID times, my fountain pens have helped me the same now, as they have in the past, which is to help me to put my thoughts down on paper and help me to enjoy every moment doing so.

    What I’ve enjoyed the most about your posts is the information. Upcoming pen release information, historical pen information, and information about Pelikan the company, its services, etc. I’ve chosen to keep my fountain pen collection focused on Pelikan only and all the information you provide has been superb.

    I’d like to add the M205 Moonstone to my collection because, well, I don’t have one yet. 😀 I don’t own a pen yet in that color spectrum and the sparkles are a really cool feature. I enjoy switching pens when I journal, so winning a Moonstone, with its unique color and sparkle, would be more than welcomed in helping me to continue my daily journaling experience and joy.

    Thanks again, Josh! Keep up the good work!



  44. Hi Joshua,
    I’ve bought several pens during the pandemic. A few times from a brick and mortar seller to help support them during these hard times. I’m a letter writer to pen pals, so that has helped me feel less isolated.

    I very much enjoyed the post on vintage Brown Tortoise pens in the 400 range. When I knew very little about Pelikan pens, your blog helped me when my pen was leaking ink. Ah , the nib was loose. I also liked the post on brown demonstrators.

    You do such a great job with the blog. It’s hard to know what to suggest. I like the polls.

    As for Moonstone, I knew I would want the matching pen when I saw the ink on FPN. I like gray inks, and it seems like gray pens are underrepresented. I do have some Moonstone jewelry. I think the Moonstone demonstrator has a chance to be a gorgeous pen.


  45. I live in New Zealand and our Prime Minister came down hard on the Covid response so we are doing quite well here and I live where most isolation is over. But because I am older I have been keeping out of the mainstream and at home enjoying my fountain pen hobby and garden. Letter writing is a joy and I have a few Pelikans and the first one was a gift from my Brother which is wonderful. A M600 that writes like a dream. The Pelikan Perch has been a very helpful site in my knowledge of older vintage Pelikans since I follow our Auction site here in New Zealand and just currently an M140 is up for auction and I was able to figure out that it probably is from 1954-1964 and it is grey stripe which is interesting. I love grey inks so the giveaway is also of interest and the Edelstein inks are such excellent inks for the Pelikan pens. And I appreciate so much that the draw can be International. I do not enjoy Social Media so I will not have the advantage of two entries but I am sure the giveaway will go to a person that will love it. Thanks Joshua for the help you have given me in the past and if I win the M140 I will send you a picture and what I paid for it. BarbarainNZ .


  46. During our isolation times I wrote letters and more letters and enjoyed the Pelikan Perch for all its historical and vintage information since I watch our Auction site here in New Zealand often. Right now there is an older M140 pen offered and so far I am the winning bidder but we have a few days to go yet. It is a grey stripe which is interesting but who knows if others are waiting in the wings to knock me off my perch! Joshua if I win the pen I will send you a picture and what I paid for it to add to your current knowledge. You were very helpful to me in the past but I am flying alone on this one and we will see how I do. I do not use Social media so I will only have one entry for the giveaway but that is Ok as who ever gets the pen will be happy I am sure. Good luck to all. BarbarainNZ


  47. During isolation, I was writing stories to help me get through this pandemic, and fountain pens have helped me unleash my inner author.


  48. As society has ground to a halt and the world has gone all but silent, the smallest things have made the biggest impact.

    For me, that has meant hand-written letters to my friends which have become the closest we can come together while we’re forced to stay apart. The difference that a fountain pen makes is astonishing as it gives just that little bit more expressiveness at a time when every bit counts.

    This year I decided to double down on stationery following its elevated importance in my life and The Pelikan’s Perch helped me to welcome my first Pelikan home as the founder of the flock. Particularly helpful was the infographic explaining exactly what the differences are between the model – that sort of resource is invaluable!

    There are so many deserving people in these comments who would make a great home for this special pen. If I were the lucky winner this pen would join my fledgling flock and help keep me in touch with the people I love.


  49. You have created a truly remarkable site with “The Pelikan’s Perch”. As Pelikans are my favourite pens (with Sailors coming a very close second) I am always astonished at the depth of research that goes into your articles. I particularly like the historical surveys of specific types of Pelikans, such as your last post on the origin of the demonstrators.

    But honestly, I don’t need (or deserve) another Pelikan as my collection has now reached 37 of these beautiful instruments!

    Although I have a number of the M200 range, I find I use them less compared to the M800s or M600s. For me the M200s lack weight and substance, although they write well and are handy to keep in a jacket pocket or rucksack. The M200s I have particularly enjoyed are the Amethyst and the Smoky Quartz but I suspect that is mainly because these two are my favourite of the Edelstein inks (so it seemed “necessary” to buy one of each of these special editions). The Moonstone is attractive and I particularly like its subtle colouring which elegantly avoids being just another grey pen, but I doubt I will be buying one. My preference is for the M400 which are effectively a more luxurious version of the M200s: I have the M400 Brown Tortoise and M400 Tortoiseshell White, both of which I use frequently.

    I hope the person who wins the contest will treasure this pen: it would be nice if it went to someone who has not had a Pelikan before, so that he or she could be introduced to this fabulous pen brand!


  50. I find writing to be be very soothing and easy quick escape, like doing crossword puzzles. As a bit of a geology buff I love the idea of the Moonstone M205.


  51. I have always been a letter writer, using fountain pens, but never more so than during this period.Letters are a tangible connection to another person in an virtual world. They have kept me sane and made me appreciate the small details of the day as I share them with loved ones that I can’t see.

    I gravitate towards brands like Lamy and Faber Castell, so this would be my first ever Pelikan. I love the Edelstein Aquamarine ink, so I hope the pens are as good.


  52. 1) FPs help me deal with the pandemic by helping me to slow down and archive what’s happening for later generations. One day, I hope that my children will stop to ready my carefully handwritten journal and remember the days of mandatory masks, school cancellations, and family game nights to pass the time in quarantine.

    2) I am fascinated by the historical posts. The one about Pelikan’s history during WWII was particularly riveting. Part of the fascination with these pens are their histories, and the stories of the people who created them.

    3) Winning a moonstone would be a spot of brightness to distract me from the daily onslaught of negativity in our constant news cycle. We all long for simplicity, and the joy of a new pen being put to paper is an exercise in appreciating the small things in life. Thank you for an amazing blog and a generous giveaway!


  53. My fountain pen is an extension of my mind in quarantine. The flow of the ink changing with the nib, ink, and canvas for my thoughts, just as my mind adjusts to express my thoughts and feelings. Some thoughts are bold and sweeping while others are orderly and maybe even monotonous. My time in quarantine is like that – somedays sweeping outward with the task at hand communicating with people who will receive these thoughts. Some sent in joy and others sent with apprehension or even anger. Other days when left to myself my thoughts become cramped and my expressions on paper reflect the tone of my quarantine – lonely. If only everyday was a vibrant and bold expression of thought demonstrated by an artistic flourish. My hand through my pen to the paper.

    The Moonstone would be welcome addition to my slowly growing collection of pens. The moon was used as one of the ancient celestial objects to navigate the oceans. The Moonstone would provide me a tool by which to navigate and record my historical journey through the unending mystery we now call quarantine.


  54. It was fairly recently that I reconnected with my love for fountain pens, & as many have done, I started a not-quite daily journal to cope with the lockdown & the direct feelings & turmoils of being not quite indirectly faced with the pandemic. Using a fountain pen, including a Pelikano junior gifted to me by my Fiancée has allowed me to better think & process all these feelings when writing, for I definitely take more time to think about each word & letter even. I would cherish this special edition pen, because it would be the lucky third “bird” to join my collection, & the colour of both the pen & ink are wonderous & it would be my very first piston filler. I greatly enjoy your reviews & insights into Pelikans both historical & present, & would love to read about the origin of the design on the nibs of the higher range pens on The Perch.


  55. My fountain pens have kept up with my studies throughout the lockdown – and in my final semester of study, no less! Despite the remote delivery, there’s still plenty of handwriting involved in my case. More noticeably, the lockdown is the first time I’ve consistently journalled my thoughts and worries most days – much more frequently than before. Having “regained” some time (hello, commuting), I can now have a leisurely cuppa and write down all of my tangled thoughts for half an hour or so. There’s a quiet sense of joy in the sensory experience — the words appearing on paper in a lovely ink, the nib gliding underneath my hand with just enough pleasant feedback to be heard, the comforting scent of my tea — a joy which I had forgotten in the regular daily bustle, or perhaps had never even found.

    I had initially found the Perch looking for more information on the history of the 4001 inks and this is still my favourite type of posts. Delving into the history and development of various products, learning how and why they have changed over time, is absolutely fascinating and the Perch is one of the relatively few accessible places to provide that. You can find heaps of reviews and news items on the internet (which does not diminish their value), but those posts are far more unique, in-depth, and my firm favourite.

    This would be my first Pelikan piston-filler, although I had Pelikans as a child, so it would be a great way to start with Pelikans as an adult. And it’s sparkly — I bet a pen which looks like it’s got moon dust (or curshed moonstone) mixed into its body makes the user’s entire mood lift up and light up as soon as the pen is out!

    Many thanks for the blog (especially the historical posts) and the giveaway.


  56. i recently rediscovered my love for fountain pens, along with what now seems to be a need for writing. i may never pen something to best “a movable feast”, or de-throne Asimov or Clarke, but i’ve discovered it helps me process many emotions, including the constant frustration of lockdown. The journal that has evolved from a few lines in a pocket sized notebook & has progressed into a full sized collegiate is not meant to be shared with anyone else other than my significant other, which thankfully also shares my like for pens. The Perch has been a wonderful find regarding a brand that unfortunately in my country only markets simple & inexpensive supplies, & marveling at both the historical & current models has given me wings to dream of much better products, including of course, this years m205 moonstone. i’d love to read about the design on the upper echelon of “birds”, since i find it so much more elegant than most others in the current market. i currently own only two Pelikan fountain pens, including a Pelikano junior that has proven a much better writer than it’s humble appearance would let on too, but winning this years M205 Moonstone & enjoying the ink combination would surely be a spark of happiness in this moste gloomy year.


  57. 9,21

    1. I have been a follower/subscriber for about a year and a reader of the blog for several years. The E-mail notice of new posts is very helpful and cuts down on constantly checking the Perch for new blogs.

    2. Being retired now for several years, I have gotten use to being home more. Both my wife and I are in the highest risk categories for the Covid 19 virus, so today is day 173 and the 27th week for us at home. We only get out when necessary for Doctor’s visits —amazing how many of those can be done by video phone calls—, drive in pharmacy pick ups, and occasional pick ups at garden supply stores, groceries are “porch dropped’ to us. All of these are masked of course, as are every two weeks or so porch-yard visits from, or to our daughters and their families. We are expecting this to be our norm until at least well into 2021.

    Savings from not burning gas in our cars and not eating out multiple times a week has allowed us to save for the next “rainy day” our civilization has planned for us in the future. It has also allowed me to make a pen purchase or two that I would never even considered before. A custom art pen from Japan (Whenever it ultimately comes) and most recently a M800. Check my instagram post to see the pen. I have started corresponding with some family members I haven’t seen in decades and have developed a pen pal relationship with a pen YouTuber I follow. I am also writing more short cards and notes to folks and about to begin trying to organize and catalogue my pen accumulation. Rather than buy another new pen, I am considering in purchasing one or more serious pen books. I continue a regular subscriber and reader of PenWorld, The Pennant and Paul’s Fountain Pen Journal. I morn the loss of all pen shows this year, in particular Chicago and Ohio the ones I attend as well as the Pelikan Hubs. I miss the friends I have made at these events as well as the Pen Collectors of America meetings and the “informal’ Black Pen Society meetings.

    Joshua, I enjoy and find extremely helpful everything you post. I appreciate your meticulous attention to detail and research. Your reporting of Pelikan news has been important, I never would have known about the Hubs or attended two of them. I am particularly drawn to posts that have a history component. Some of the posts that I really appreciated in recent months have been: Unsung History of Pelikan, Inc, U.S.A.; News: Chartpak Changes Pen Repair Policy; and most importantly, Concessions of War: Pelikan: WWII and the Untold Story. So well done and needed. It would be good if other of our favorite pen companies, or someone would do something similar to fill in the embarrassing blanks in their website history timelines from the mid-thirties thorough the late forties.

    3. And now I’m off to post on IG my 2nd chance picture so you know which M800 I recently bought. Thank you Joshua and Happy Anniversary.


  58. Thank you for this write-up. I too am retired and am home a great deal. I appreciated your comments so much and I do hope you might consider putting your M800 information on this blog site as some people do not use or enjoy social media like Instagram. I am saving for an M800 and would love to read about your experience. My best, Barbara in New Zealand.


  59. I am fortunate that I do not feel overly stressed by the pandemic, though it is very worrisome. That said, people around me, in the home and in community organizations, do show evidence of greater stress. I have found that using my fountain pens to try out various nibs and inks, and even to spend time cleaning a bunch when I get behind, relieves me from becoming overwhelmed by the stress of others. My pens occupy me in a calming way, including some pretty results.

    I appreciate the history of Pelikan and of fountain pens that the Perch provides. I like to follow leads to learn more about new things, and The Pelikans Perch provides a lot of history to satisfy my curiosity.

    The M205 Moonstone would fit my little flock well, as I prefer less traditional looking colors. The moonstone is a terrific complement to the several pens I have in various blue finishes. I also get pens from other makers in grey tones a lot.


  60. The lockdown has made me appreciate and use the pens that don’t dry out if left for a while.
    I’ve switched around inks, tweaked a few pens ,I also finally broke my one ink-one pen rule after i got a set of 15 bottles.

    I’d love to see a post from the perch regarding the differences between all the pelikan models from the M205 to M1005.

    I’ve always wanted a pelikan due to their aesthetics and wet nibs.
    I love how they progressed from the 100 to the present day collection.
    Whenever i see a vintage pelikan advertisement, i think that they are timeless and wouldn’t look out of place even today. Even the typography was well chosen.
    This makes me think of pelikan as a company with attention to detail and aesthetics.

    That’s why i always wanted to get a pelikan, even today, their range is impressive with a model for everyone.
    I wish they made more models with rhodium trim or even ruthenium 😉

    I do not have a pelikan yet ,I’d like to get a M815 someday, until that happens, I’d be very happy to use the M205, should i win.


  61. This has been a memorable year. One child off to college, the other at home for senior year of high school. I had the virus, and later, hospitalized with a stroke. Moody grey describes the year as well as the teen’s moods. Me, I’m so grateful for life’s little blessings: I can see, I can drive, I can write. I write daily with fountain pens to strengthen my fine motor skills. Thanks for the work you put into this blog. I arrived here after doing a search for Edelstein’s Smoky Quartz. I know I want the ink. I have had Reform pistons before during school, but felt Pelikans were out of my reach. The corporate logo of a mother feeding her young is particularly touching right now.


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