Poll: The Value of the “W.-Germany” Stamp



Map depicting West and East Germany, 1949-1990

Map depicting West (blue) and East (red) Germany, 1949-1990.

As a Pelikan enthusiast and collector, I try to keep on top of the used pen market in an effort to stay apprised of the current trends in pricing.  This has allowed me to understand at least some of the factors that drive prices either upwards or downwards.  If you have done similar, I’m sure that you have come across sales of Pelikan pens listed as rare, very rare, or (my favorite) ultra rare.  To a new collector or user who doesn’t know any better, these descriptions may seem fitting for the price being asked.  More commonly though, these “tags” are applied to run of the mill models with sellers asking top dollar for pens that are in no way extraordinary.  Perhaps this is being perpetrated by a shrewd salesperson that is trying to eek every penny they can out of their listing or perhaps it is someone who genuinely knows no better and gets caught up in the pricing frenzy that sometimes seems to grip the secondary market.  Many features may be used to drive a sale but one in particular has recently been on my mind.  What I refer to is the cap band engraving denoting the country of manufacture as either “W.-Germany” or “Germany.”

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