News: Pelikan TintenTurm

Pelikan moved its administration and production space to Hannover on the Podbielskistraße in the year 1906.  By 1973, that facility was no longer adequate and could not be further expanded to meet the company’s needs.  Production was moved to the Peine-Vöhrum plant, 24 miles east of Hannover, where it remains today.  The administrative offices would linger at the Podbielskistraße facility for another 30 years, until March 17, 2003 at which time the company moved to its current office building on the Werftstrasse in Hanover.  The historic former location has since become the Sheraton Hannover Pelikan Hotel where visitors can still enjoy many reminders of Pelikan’s heritage from their almost 100 year occupation of the site.  The company’s impact has been so lasting, the area has become known as the Pelikan district and the hotel now sits at its center.  On March 29, 2017 Pelikan had a homecoming of sorts when they returned to their former facilities with the opening of The Pelikan TintenTurm.  With over 10o guest in attendance, the opening illustrated just how much of an impact the company has had over its extensive history.  The TintenTurm resides in over 7000 sq ft of refurbished space that now hosts the company’s archive, a museum, and a retail outlet.

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