Review: M320 Ruby Red (2010)

Pelikan Ruby Red M320 with small porcelain pen standPelikan’s M300 was introduced in 1998 and has the distinction of being the youngest and smallest member of the Souverän family.  All told, there have been seven models of the M3xx series released over the past 17 years.  To date, the penultimate release in that line has been the M320 Ruby Red which debuted in 2010 and is the subject of this review.  While the M300 comes in the traditional green striped and black variants, the M320 is characterized by unique finishes that were first introduced in 2004.  In their order of release; there has been the Orange Marbled (2004), Jade Green (2007), Ruby Red (2010), and Pearl (2011).  These pens are diminutive, dwarfed by each and every one of their siblings in the other lines, including the M100/150 of the Classic series.   Consequently, this makes them well suited to an environment such as a purse or vest pocket.  Do not let their small size fool you as the M3xx line remain true Souveräns boasting all of the same furniture as well as Pelikan’s piston filling mechanism.  Whether or not this pen is for you will be a matter of personal preference and surely this pen’s size will be the biggest limiting factor to its appeal.  Read on below to find out about all of this pen’s qualities and quirks.

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