Pelikan On The Move? – Local Politicians Propose Relocating Pelikan’s Factory

Pelikan's factory at Pelikanstraße 11, 31228 Peine, Germany

If you have been following the blog with any regularity, then you know that I have endeavored to keep you abreast of the publicly reported goings on at Pelikan’s factory. I think that it is important to be aware of those developments as they can give us an insight into Pelikan’s future in Germany which will almost certainly impact the fine writing instruments that we adore. For those not keeping tally, I’ll provide a brief recap. Despite being owned by a Malaysian firm, all of Pelikan’s fine writing instruments continue to be manufactured in Germany, just as they have been since the company started producing pens in 1929. From 1906 until 1973, the company’s administrative and production spaces were maintained in Hannover on the Podbielskistraße.  In 1973, it was determined that the facilities on the Podbielskistraße were inadequate and could no longer be expanded to meet the company’s needs. Production was then moved to Peine-Vöhrum, 24 miles east of Hannover, where it remains today.  The number of employed factory workers has varied over the years, but the current count is somewhere around 240. Moving the factory was a real growth moment for the company and they are now clearly on the verge of another. Nearly two years ago, protest erupted at the plant. The grievances aired by employees centered around delayed back pay, austere fiscal policies, and a lack of investment/modernization at the plant. The unrest certainly captured the attention of several elected officials representing that area of the country. Pelikan has since made good on their financial obligations and the turmoil has quieted. In an effort to improve the aging facilities, Pelikan recently sought to enter into an agreement with the US based Hillwood Group which would see them sell the land adjacent to their factory for the purpose of building a logistics center, a facility whose additional capacity could prove very useful for shoring up Pelikan’s own aging facilities. Those plans had the support of local government, and all seemed to be moving forward. Then, just last month, news broke that Pelikan was looking into the prospect of having a new factory built as part of a sale-leaseback arrangement with the Hillwood Group who would then also own the premises that the factory now occupies as well as the newly constructed production space that would be erected on site. Hillwood would then maintain a long term lease with Pelikan for use of the new facilities. That’s a lot, but now you’re all caught up. Oh, yeah, just one more thing. It now looks as if a proposal is on the table to relocate Pelikan’s manufacturing plant all together. Read on to learn more.

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