Introducing: The Pelikan’s Perch Patreon Page

Today’s post will be brief and to the point because it has nothing to do with Pelikan and everything to do about me which is, admittedly, uncomfortable territory. Perhaps it’s the fear of rejection that has fed my reticence.  I have never been one to promote myself or ask for anything beyond your continued readership.  I have worked very hard over the past several years to bring you the latest Pelikan news, reviews of unique pens in the line-up, and in-depth, heavily researched original content.  That last part has been perhaps the most satisfying for me personally.  To date, I have done all of this at my own expense, both financially and with regards to my limited free time.  I have always wanted to focus on the content and not allow for distraction.  That is why you will never find an ad on my site nor will any of my content ever be placed behind a paywall.  Also, to retain my impartiality and independence, I do not solicit nor accept sponsorships.  

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