Review: Ductus P3100 (2007-2014)

Pelikan Ductus P3100 w/ porcelain Pelikan pen stand and Rhodia notebookIn my review of the Pelikan P200, I alluded to my general disdain for the cartridge filling fountain pen.  Intellectually, I understand the void that it fills and just how useful it can be to some.  While my personal preference has always gravitated towards Pelikan’s piston filling pens, I do appreciate the diversity available to us and I try to approach each pen with an open mind and strive to keep my pre-formed notions from getting in the way of enjoying a nice pen.  When the opportunity to review the Pelikan P3100 Ductus came along, I was actually excited.  The Ductus demonstrates modern styling and was “developed for straightforward people with a unique style” according to Pelikan.  The line has since been discontinued as of 2014, marking the end of a seven year run.  The name Ductus is reported to be Latin in origin, translating to “guidance” or “leadership”.  The pen’s styling was welcomed at its release and it won the “Stylus Icon Award 2009” from Stylus Magazine.  I can see the merit behind that award.  When capped, this pen is sleek and stunning.  Read on to find out if that opinion holds up when we take a more in-depth look.

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