Announcement: The P2xx Now in The Aviary

Pelikan P200 with Edelstein Amethyst CartridgesThe Pelikan’s Perch started as a lark and quickly became a labor of love.   With one year now behind me, I’m happy to be able to continue to grow the site.  A new section has been added to the database which now includes the P200 and P205 cartridge/converter fountain pens.  This update follows on the heels of my recent review of the P200 Black.  The addition of the P2xx family of pens to the database will hopefully continue to expand upon and enrich the information contained within The Aviary.  I hope that this addition will provide useful information on this recent release, the only cartridge pen of the Classic series.  The Aviary now includes a page detailing all of the variations of the P2xx family available at the time of this post.  You will find write-ups detailing the features of these pens as well as photos of the currently available variations to aid in identification/reference.  If you weren’t previously aware of the database, please have a look around as many other great models are detailed there.





Review: P200 Black (2014)

Pelikan P200 Fountain PenWhen I think of Pelikan, the first thought that comes to mind is their long revered piston filling mechanism.  To me, this is the epitome of the perfect filling system and it has long withstood the test of time.  It is one of Pelikan’s core features and one that helped to forge me into such a die-hard enthusiast.  Given that the piston mechanism is such a part of the company’s identity, you can imagine my surprise when, in 2014, they released a cartridge/converter model based off of the Classic series’ M200 and M205.  Pelikan contends that there has long been demand for such a filling system in a pen of classic design, particularly for those who travel and prefer the convenience of a quick cartridge swap.  This demand has given rise to the black P200 and P205.  I have never held much love for such pens myself.  My first ever fountain pen was a cartridge pen (not a Pelikan) and I had no idea what I was doing.  I could scarcely get it to work and it’s this bad experience which put me off to fountain pens all together.  It would be three years before I’d return and become the devotee that I am today.  Perhaps that bad experience has tainted me or maybe I am wiser today and can see past my early fumbling.  Pelikan provided me a P200 on loan for the purpose of this review.  The pen was freely leant and there has been no censorship of any kind to the content of this article.  I’d like to think that I’ve been able to remain objective but will allow you to draw your own conclusions.  I’m not sure that the P200 has taken anything away from my love of piston fillers but it may have helped alleviate some of my prior disdain for the cartridge pen in general. 

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