News: Pelikan Passion Sessions

Pelikan Sessions 2021 Baner

Pelikan took a new step towards social engagement with its fanbase today in an effort to overcome the disconnect brought about by the unfortunate postponement of their Hubs event for the last two years. It was 2019 when the world was last able to safely gather in fellowship around their passion for pens and the fine writing/drawing community. In today’s announcement, the company says; “We would like to offer all fountain pen fans an opportunity to be surprised by their own creativity.” To that end, Pelikan plans to offer a much more intimate and exclusive venue for sharing such passions. Like many other things that we have become accustomed to over the course of this pandemic, the experience will be a virtual one. A total of four opportunities over two days are to be made available, billed as on-line tutorials, hosted in collaboration with a professional artist. While many of us may think of our pens as best suited for writing, these tutorials look to unleash the more creative side of your nibs, extending their utility to drawing and design, something that you may not have explored previously. To guide that experience, Christiane ten Hoevel, a seasoned artist, has been tapped to lead these workshops. Tickets are limited and sure to go fast. Read on to learn about all of the known details.

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