Review: Old & New Style M600’s Head-to-Head

Old & new style Pelikan M600's


This is the second installment of what I intend to be a three-part segment looking at the M600.  The first post, “A Tale of Two M600’s,” looked back at the history of the M600 and the design changes which occurred in 1997 that forever altered the physical appearance as well as the fit-in-the-hand of the pen.  Where that post focused on the origins of these pens, this post will be a direct review, a head to head comparison of the pre-1997, old-style M600 versus the post-1997, new style M600.  It is important to look at the two side by side because even though they share the same moniker, they are very different pens and will therefore appeal to different people.  Interestingly, years ago when I looked to branch out and try a bigger pen, I decided to seek out an M600, mostly due to it’s more budget friendly appeal when compared to an M800 or M1000.  Not knowing much about the pen at all and not having the knowledge of sites such as this one, I purchased an M600 on the used market only, much to my surprise, to find it the same size as the few M200 and M400 models in my collection.  I thought that a mistake had been made and, at first, was upset until I learned what I have already shared with you in part one of this series.  Once I realized that the confusion was all mine, I was actually very pleased with my acquisition and soon followed it up with the post-1997 variant that I had initially envisioned.  Those two pens from my personal collection are what I will review for you today.

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A Tale of Two M600’s

Old & New Style Pelikan M600's


This is the first installment of a multi-part series looking at what I consider to be the middle child of the Souverän family, the M600.  This first post will explore the history, features, and variations of the M600.  In a follow-up post, I will be reviewing both the old and new style M600 pens in a head to head match-up.  The M600 has one of the more interesting histories amongst Pelikan’s Souverän line-up and therefore is also prone to generate confusion amongst collectors.  As I’ve described previously, the year 1997 saw many changes to the trim styles of both the Souverän and Tradition series of pens.  Perhaps no pen was more affected than the M600 because not only did the trim change, the actual physical dimensions of the pen did as well.  The M600 was originally introduced in 1985, a few years after the M400 was debuted.  At that time, it had the same exact dimensions as the M400 but included an upgraded trim package.  The initially available barrel colors included black (1985), burgundy (1989), and the familiar green striated (1990) variations.  A tortoise version also exist but these are much less frequently encountered due to its limited production run.  

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