Exclusive: An Interview With The Pelikan Hubs Team

As you likely know by now, this is the fifth anniversary of the Pelikan Hubs event.  The excitement is certainly building as we are now just under a month away from the big day.  Some of you have been around since its inception while a large swath of those reading have come to the event more recently.  Have you ever wondered how it all came about?  Questioned whose behind it all?  Maybe you’re wondering if this is going to be something to look forward to for years to come?  I too had a lot of questions and a few concerns about the event.  I e-mailed Juana, a member of the Hubs team in Hannover, who works in the social media department.  Quite unexpectedly, that message actually ended up leading to a very pleasant telephone conversation with Pelikan’s Global Marketing Manager of Fine Writing Instruments, Jens, and the rest of his team.  They were gracious enough to grant me and The Pelikan’s Perch an exclusive interview.  After much thought, I posed a series of twenty questions to the group which you will find below along with their answers.  I hope that you find the information interesting and perhaps walk away with a clearer understanding of the event’s purpose and its origins.  The text that follows has only been very lightly edited for easier readability due to differences in language but the responses have not been altered in any meaningful way.

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