News: Pelikan Nib Developments

Pelikan Nib Size ChartIt has been said that the heart of a good fountain pen is the nib.  Indeed, it is the nib which gives our writing character and flourish.  During the height of Pelikan’s vintage pen manufacturing there was a plethora of nib varieties available for purchase.  A vintage advertisement lists 23 different nib sizes available at one point.  Over time, these options have slowly been reduced based on various manufacturing and market influences.  In modern times, we still had double and triple broads available to us as well as obliques.  Sadly, these too were discontinued in late 2012 leaving us with just EF, F, M, and B as the standard nibs available across most of Pelikan’s lines.  This unadventurous selection is at least dependable if not inspired.  There have been flashes of inspiration seen with the introduction of the italic broad nib for the M8xx line in 2010 as well as  the italic nib option which was more of an italic medium that has graced several of the M2xx releases.  Many, myself included, lament the lack of variety in Pelikan’s nibs today.  If you’re looking for a little diversity, a few limited options have recently come to light.

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