Review: Recollector Collection Management Software

RecollectorNewEvery so often, someone asks how I manage my collection.  I thought that it might benefit the community at large to share my solution and do a review of sorts.  This will be one of the few post that you find on this site that has nothing to do with Pelikan.  When you get your first pen, you have no need for spreadsheets.  Often times, it’s not long before you add a second pen and then a third.  Before you know it, you have a collection and a desire to keep a better accounting of it.  I think that it is important for any collector to have a record of past purchases with detailed accounts of those transactions.  We’ve all been in a position of having to figure out the best way to do this.  Initially I used Microsoft Word in conjunction with Excel.  This was a very workable solution in the early days but as my collection grew, I felt that this method lacked flexibility.  It became harder and harder to keep track of the variables that I was interested in and data began to become the enemy rather than an asset.  I decided to search the web and see what other solutions might be out there.  I didn’t expect to find something geared for the fountain pen enthusiast but was hoping to at least find a solution that could be retrofitted to that purpose.  I wanted an option that wasn’t too expensive, provided flexibility, and would allow me to have a bird’s eye view of my collection by being easily searchable.  In that quest, I found Recollector, a piece of software designed for the collector of just about anything.

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