How-To: Clean a Pelikan Fountain Pen

CleaningI have been asked on a few occasions over the past several weeks about what is the best way to clean a Pelikan fountain pen.  While I’m not sure whether or not my way is the best way, it does work, is easy and relatively quick to accomplish, and does not result in any damage to the pen.  One of the reasons that I enjoy Pelikan’s piston fillers is because of the ease with which they can be cleaned when compared with cartridge/converter models.  Pelikans are also forgiving and can be left to go a bit longer between routine maintenance sessions than some other brands pens.  While cleaning is easy, there are some pitfalls and special considerations to keep in mind, particularly when working with vintage pens.   As such, I have two cleaning methods; one that I reserve for modern pens (1970-present) and one that I use for either modern or vintage pens (pre-1970).  I will do my best to describe both procedures below as well as provide you with some of my views on the intricacies of Pelikan pen maintenance.  As a bonus, I will also review a technique for the cleaning of a cartridge/converter pen.

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