The Gimborn 150 Master: A Pelikan By Another Name

Gimborn 150 Master Black Fountain PenHistoric examples of lower tier pen manufacturers emulating successful models from larger companies abound.  While these pens may share a lot of similarities, they can usually be distinguished by a few telltale signs.  Sometimes the distinctions are so few that you might suspect a collaboration between two companies.  Such was the case with Gimborn and Pelikan, two businesses that share a history together.  The term doppelgänger is used to describe a person that bears an uncanny resemblance to someone else without being a twin.   It’s a word that is aptly applied to the Gimborn 150 Master which is eerily similar to its cousin, the Pelikan 300.  The similarities are less surprising once you understand the history of Gimborn.  Read on to learn about the company’s origins and how their first fountain pen came to look an awful lot like a Pelikan. 

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