News: Pelikan Hubs Show Tremendous Growth

Pelikan Hubs 2015 LogoRegistration for Pelikan’s 2015 Hubs event has come to a close and we are just about a month and a half away from the big day.  Thanks to the dedication of the team at Pelikan and the enthusiasm of my fellow fountain pen devotees, this years event looks to have grown tremendously.  Last year’s June 13th affair was the first of its kind.  Twenty-five countries hosted Hubs in 58 different cities with a total of about 900 participants.  This year, twenty-nine countries will host 72 different Hubs with an expected 1400 total participants.  That’s a 56% increase in attendance over last year.  Many Hubs had only a few attendees and this year we’ll see an average of 19 participants per Hub.  This is all very exciting news.  Hub masters have received the names of their attendees and emails should be going out soon to inform every one of their local event’s details.  As head of the Philadelphia Hub, I understand the amount of work it takes to arrange an event with this magnitude of attendance and salute all of the Hub masters out there doing their level best to put on a great event at an appropriate venue.  I look forward to seeing my group in person in September and following along with the exploits of all of the groups on social media via the hashtag #PelikanHubs.

There are twenty cities that rank in the top 10 of attendance.  The United States has put on a very good showing this year.  The top two biggest hubs however are abroad; Avola, Italy and Tainan, Taiwan.  Tainan was last year’s biggest hub with 150 participants.  Check out the graphs below (click to enlarge) to see where your local hub and country falls with regards to the number of participants. 

Pelikan Hubs 2015 attendance by city

Pelikan Hubs 2015 attendance by city


Pelikan Hubs 2015 attendance by country

Pelikan Hubs 2015 attendance by country

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  1. Hi Joshua,

    This is a great article that provides those of us who are new to the Pelikan Hub (the Hub) with an idea of the actual size of each every Hub on a global basis. I don’t know how difficult it would be to determine the per capita information for all, that would provide us with additional insight into the relative popularity of the Hub as well as fountain pens, in general, in each location.

    Those of us in the London Pen Club (LPC) that is London, Canada are very exciited to see that we have over 20 registrants – not bad for the 15th largest municipality in Canada, with a population of approximately 367,000. Furthermore, I have asked our Hub master for the numbers of LPC members that are registrants and those who are not. Hopefully, we can use this information to try and convert the non-members into members of the LPC. Regardless, we can’t wait for the Hub to happen.



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