The M200 Silver Pearls

Pelikan M200 Grey Marbled or Silver Pearls New StyleThe grey marbled M200, a finish also known as the silver pearls, is a frequently encountered variation of Pelikan’s Classic line.  These are quite commonly found for sale on the secondary market and are, in my opinion, one of the more distinguished appearing variants of the M200.  It likely made its debut sometime around 1988 in the ‘old-style’ trim variant which was distinguished by a derby cap top, double cap bands, and the absence of a trim ring at the piston knob.  This finish also was utilized in an older run of M250’s for the export market.  In the M200 line-up, this model persisted along with its blue and green marbled siblings up until and through the revision of the line in 1997.

While the ‘old-style’ grey marbled M200 is commonly encountered, the ‘new-style’ variant sporting the post-’97 trim is seen rather infrequently.  This variant displays the newer crown cap top, single cap band, and features a single trim ring at the piston knob.  It is seen so infrequently that I have heard some question its very existence.  Rest assured, there was a ‘new-style’ M200 silver pearls though it was indeed a short-lived variant which is why it is seen so seldom when compared to the blue and green marbled finishes.  While clearly depicted in the 1997 catalog, by around 2000 it is no longer found indicating that, for reasons unclear, this model enjoyed only a very short run overall in the newer trim style.

Pelikan Grey, Blue, and Green Marbled M200's in Old and New Styles


While sparse in number, these pens remain very attractive additions to the M200 line-up and I would encourage anyone who has the fortune to come across one to not pass it up lightly.

Comparison of Old and New Style Grey Marbled M200's

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  1. I have the more-common ‘Old Style’ in pearl gray. What makes it interesting is it is embossed with the State Seal of the reunified Germany and the signature of Ramon Herzog, the first president of the reunified country. 1994-1999.

    This may be proof of the popularity of this model … to be awarded to those who worked for his election as keepsakes.

    “When the time came to choose a candidate for the first presidential election after Germany’s reunification in 1990, Kohl and his ruling CDU sought out an easterner as a gesture to promote harmony within the country. Kohl’s first choice—Steffen Heitmann, the justice minister for the state of Saxony—proved a poor one when Heitmann came under intense criticism in 1993 for voicing extreme and unpopular opinions on Nazism and immigration. Heitmann withdrew from the race, and Kohl chose Herzog—who hailed from southeastern Germany, if not from the former East Germany—as his replacement nominee.”

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  3. What would you value a fountain/ballpoint set at? I have just acquired one and can’t find anything on the set. I have been able to figure out that it was pre-1991 due to the derby cap and the W. Germany label on the cap band. Any help would be much appreciated.


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