Welcome to The Pelikan’s Perch

Hello and welcome to The Pelikan’s Perch!  I’m very excited to greet you to what has been a project that I have wanted to get off of the ground for some time.  This post is the first of what I hope will be many more to come.  I created this site to share my insight, knowledge, and Pelikan fountain pen collection with my fellow fountain pen and Pelikan enthusiast but also to help out those who may be newer to this obsession hobby.  My desire to create this site was born out of frustration over the scattered and difficult to access nature of information related to the Pelikan brand and their pens.  Please check out my About page in order to get a better sense of who I am and what my goals and ambitions for this site are.  I hope you find The Pelikan’s Perch intuitive, informative, and a resource worth coming back to.  I have many ideas and a clear direction in mind for this site which I think will make for a fun journey if you stick with it.  I look forward to engaging in an open dialog and welcome any ideas that you may have for future post and also for further site refinement.  Features will be added as time goes on and I hope to engage some guest authors once the site is more established.  Follow me so as not to miss an update.


Pelikan has produced many regular and special edition pens over the years and pinpointing exact dates of release can be very challenging.  Several authors have tried to better clarify this timeline but there is a lot of conflict and introduction date discrepancies out there.  The list that follows is taken from Pelikan’s own website and is corroborated with other sources to be as accurate as best as I can determine.  Limited/Special edition pens, in general, have been excluded from this list.  See the link at the end of the table for Pelikan’s own timeline as well as a collection of other pertinent references.  



Models Introduced

M400 Tortoiseshell Brown
M100, M150, M200, M250, M600 Black
M250 Burgundy, M700 Toledo
M100 White, M800 Green Striated
M200 Blue Marbled, M200 Grey Marbled, M750, M760
M800 Black, M600 Burgundy
M75 Go!, M600 Green Striated, M818 Tiffany
M900 Toledo Collectors’ Edition
M710, M730, M810 Blue Ocean, M910
M150 Bols Demonstrator, M200 Grey-Magenta Marbled, M915 Hunting L.E.
M200 Green Marbled, M400 Blue Striated, M800 Dark Blue Nord/LB, M815 Wall Street L.E.
M150 Black-Grey, M150 Black-Burgundy, M800 Concerto L.E., M800 1000 Years of Austria L.E., M816 Golf
M600 Blue Striated, M650, M850, M1000, M1050, M101 Gold, M250 Tortoiseshell Brown (Levenger)
M300, M350, M101 Jade, M800 Genesis of the Olympiad L.E., M800 Kuala Lumpur
M430, M630, M600 Tortoiseshell Brown
M101 White Gold, M200 Clear Demo.
M200 Fir Green, M400 Red Striated, M800 Red Striated, M101 Lapis, M620 Berlin, M620 Stockholm, M800 Daedalus-Icarus, M800 Xuan Wu
M200 Clear Demo., M405 Black, M805, M200 Cream Yellow Citroenpers, M620 Madrid, M620 San Francisco, M800 The Spirit of Gaudi L.E., M800 Chronoswiss Styloscope
M200 Amber Demo., M405 Dark Blue, M600 Red Striated, M605 Dark Blue, M805 DarkBlue, M101 Toledo, M620 Chicago, M620 New York
M320 Orange Marbled, M400 Tortoiseshell White, M420, M450 Green Vermiel Tortoise, M620 Athens, M620 Shanghai
M215 Blue w/ Stripes, M425, M620 Piazza Navona, M620 Place de la Concorde
M215 Rings, M625 Dark Blue, M620 Piccadilly Circus, M620 Grand Place
M215 Lozenges, M320 Jade Green, M625 Dark Red,
M625 AubergineM215 Orthogons, M640 Mount Everest, M640 Polar Lights, M800 Clear Demo.
M205 White, M205 Red, M205 Black, M910 Toledo Red
M2o5 DUO Yellow, M320 Ruby Red, M710 Toledo Yellow, M800 Blue O’Blue
M320 Pearl, M600 Green O’ Green, M710 Black, M1005 Demo., M101N Tortoiseshell Brown
M200 Clear Demo., M205 Taupe, M600 Ruby Red, M600 Tortoiseshell White, M605, M101N Lizard
M205 DUO Green, M605 Marine Blue, M800 Tortoiseshell Brown, M101N Jubilee, M1005
P200 Black, P205 Black, M200 Cognac Demo., M600 Vibrant Green, M101N Tortoiseshell Red, M1000 Raden Starlight, M1000 Maki-e Seaside
M805 Stresemann, M200 Café Crème, M805 Clear Demo., M205 Amethyst, M600 Pink, M800 Burnt Orange, M200 Green Marbled (re-issue), M201 Bayou, M201 Neptune Blue, M201 Mars Red, M1000 Maki-e Koi, M1000 Maki-e Autumn Flowers
M805 Vibrant Blue, M800 Grand Place, M120N Green-Black, M205 Transparent Blue, M1000 Raden Sunrise, M205 Aquamarine, M400 Tortoiseshell Brown, M205 Blue Marbled, M405 Stresemann, M1000 Maki-e Spring & Autumn
M101N Bright Red, M800 Renaissance Brown, M800 Raden Royal Gold, M200 Smoky Quartz, M605 White Transparent, M805 Ocean Swirl, M1000 Maki-e Dragonfly, M710 Statue of Zeus, M200 Brown Marbled
M600 Turquoise-White, M120 Iconic Blue, Spirit of 1838, M205 Demonstrator, Maki-e Peacock, M815 Metal Striped, M205 Olivine, M805 Raden Royal Platinum, M800 Stone Garden, M600 Vibrant Orange
Herzstück 1929, M1005 Stresemann, M101N Grey-Blue, M600 Violet-White, M805 Blue Dunes, Maki-e Five Lucky Bats, M205 Star Ruby, M800 Brown-Black, Maki-e Japanese Umbrella, M200 Gold-Marbled, M605 Stresemann, M251 Green-Black, M800 King Michael I of Romania – Royal Edition
M200 Pastel Green, M1000 Raden Green Ray, M800 Chinese Demonstrator, Maki-e Kingfisher, M205 Moonstone, M405 Silver-White, M600 Tortoiseshell Red

*Extracted from the Timeline of Pelikan Fountain Pens

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